Ash and Matt

Ash & Matt

We are a Zombie-fighting team! Zombies In My Blog covers all things horror and Geek Gulture! Once in a while, we’ll review Zombie books, movies, TV shows and video games. From time to time, we’ll post articles covering horror and pop culture, in general. Along the way, Matt, who is the public face of the Webpage, will attend noteworthy events and report on them, here. Be on the lookout for his Rick Grimes cosplay, from The Walking Dead, which makes occasional appearances. Once in a while, we’ll post celebrity interviews and guest-written articles, as well. There’s usually a very good chance finding him near a bar enjoying some craft beer!

Ralph Damato


Ralph is the Senior Correspondent at Zombies In My Blog who has an almost 30-year love affair with comic books, yet it doesn’t decrease his love for Hollywood’s latest deluge of superhero films. He grew up in the cathode tube light of video game arcades of the ’80s, the decade’s cartoons and music is etched into his DNA. For fun, he watches YouTube collections of ’80s commercials or Bob Barker-hosted Price is Right episodes. And he still plays first edition Dungeons and Dragons every other week. He even named his children after characters in Neil Gaiman books. The geek is strong with this one!

Jason Kittrell


Jason Kittrell is the owner of Kittrell Entertainment Group (KEG). His company owns several sub-divisions, including SFXSI Design, 3D Printing Egg, and Nashville Screams. Jason is also the technical manager and consultant for Death Yard Haunted Attraction. He has worked in the haunt industry for 10 years, and has consulted for haunts such as Monster Mountain and Nashville Nightmare. Follow KEG on Twitter.

Lucas Leverett


Goldie Fatale

Bloody Goldie Fatale
Goldie Fatale is quite the character who not only blogs but is occasionally an actress, horror pin-up and director. Her hobbies include horror movies, vodka and world domination.

Shaun Andrews

Shaun Andrews is an all-around fanboy who has been irrevocably damaged since watching both Full Metal Jacket and Lethal Weapon 2 on the same night at the tender age of 6. He studied Radio / TV Production at MTSU and now puts those skills to use playing video games and bitching about stuff on the Internet.

Justin Rawlings

Justin is a University of Kentucky graduate with a BA in Media Arts and Studies and currently resides in Lexington, KY. With aspirations to work in television and film, Justin strives to find unique and interesting stories that reflect the culture of our time.Dan Lee

Dan is a horror writer whose stories and articles have been featured in several ‘zines and online publications. He’s also the head organizer behind the 2017 Nashville Zombie Walk and continues to post updates about the event and all his ongoing projects through his blog and on Twitter and Instagram.

Joe Wiewiora

Keeper of the Tesseract and burdened with glorious purpose, Joe is a writer, reader, artist, cinephile and hopes to share his love of comics and comic book movies with fellow aficionados. Joe can talk about comics and movies and video games all day long. And he does. He wants to write about the comics that don’t normally get the spotlight, but also write about the big things, the nerdy stuff we all like, because he likes them, too.