Per My Brother
One of the ultimate highlights for the entire weekend was attending the MomoCon 2013 Craftsmanship Costume Contest. There were many, many great anime, TV, movie comicbook, video game and pop-culture characters that were represented well. There were also some great-looking original creations in attendance.

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Mark Meer (decked out in custom-built Mass Effect armor) was the MC for the event and three cosplayers were the Contest Judges, including Manda Bear and Ana Aesthetic.

My favorite costumes of the evening included the BioShock crew, complete with a HUGE Big Daddy, Little Sister and many denizens of Rapture. Each character had the most detail-oriented costume, and as a whole, they represented the best group effort. But for some reason, they did not place Best In Show, and I was dumbstruck. They was no announcement made, so I assumed they were competing in the Masters category. They were robbed.

I was seated in the front row and took some amazing pictures. Sadly, as the convention had concluded, I realized I had misplaced my camera. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures from the amazing Craftmanship Costume Contest. Should my camera resurface, I will quickly post all the pictures. Until then, I will include a ton of great costumes and the cosplayers who strutted their stuff throughout the weekend.