Per My Brother:
Saturday was a good day. Not only did I attend the Nashville Zombie Walk, get some great photos and an awesome interview with Zombie Walk Event Manager / Geek Media Expo Vice President Steven “Zot” Unverzagt, but I also visited the Death Row Haunted House in Nashville later that night.

This was the very first haunted house I’ve attended in Nashville. Death Row had a pretty good write-up online, and it boasted of being Tennessee’s largest indoor haunted house, so I grabbed a friend and we were off.

“We must be near,” I thought, as we arrived to the hearse that was also working as a billboard. Nice marketing. Awaiting to enter, the line was long, but moved at a decent pace. Actors in evil clown costumes kept the excitement up and running. Once we entered, we were divided into a group of four and told to go at your own pace. It might take you 45 minutes to complete the whole haunted house if walking very slowly, or soaking everything in. So, off we went.

Death Row specializes in atmospheric mood over many scares a minute. There are many, many hidden corners throughout the entire pathway for actors to jump out at customers… however, for some reason, on a Saturday night, there weren’t many actors. There were many rooms that only had animitronics and no actors, some that had neither. Only a few rooms actually had actors. This was very disappointing. The few actors inside Death Row were great, but there just weren’t enough of them to sustain the incredible $12 admission fee.

Death Row did offer many, many rooms with strobe lights… and that can get very annoying, very quickly. But they didn’t seem to cash in on the terror by having creatures jump at customers during the strobe-light madness. That was a missed opportunity. And the spinning-tunnel finale (which is often done in 3-D at other haunted houses) was effective, but could’ve been better. Overall, I had a decent time at Death Row. The long maze makes it worth your money. However, the screams were too few along the way. Beware: I left with a heavy migrane headache. You might get more than you bargained for at Death Row.

It pains me to say it, but the haunted houses in Lexington, KY seem to be better than those in Nashville.

Review: 2/5