Welcome back, horror fans. Once again, I will be giving you my unbiased and thought-provoking insight on a second-class, B-rated indie flick.

Wait… this week I am reviewing a mainstream film? A film that cost $10 million to make and brought in $64.2 million?

I… I don’t know what to say.

The premise of this flick is a young woman, running from her past, finds a job as a live-in nanny for a aging couple. On the first meeting, it becomes apparent that this couple has some serious issues, as their “child” is actually a doll (and no, I don’t mean he’s a cutie). Not only do they treat this dapper doll like it’s alive, they actually expect their sitters to do the same. At first, our young heroine doesn’t play along, but soon strange things start happening, so she changes her tune (evidently she has seen Child’s Play and understands not to piss off your toys).

I will leave the ending out of this and avoid being a spoiler, but I will say that, unfortunately, you can probably guess what happens if you are even a passive horror fan. That’s the problem with Hollywood, it seems. Rather than coming up with “new and exciting,” they would rather re-hash the same old, same old. I know “new and exciting” is hard to do nowadays, but it can be done. I see it all the time in the indie flicks I have checked out. You can’t tell me that a studio worth billions can’t hire someone with drive and ambition, who wants to bring something at least somewhat original to the table. Rather than bring that, they would rather make a sequel to Cabin Fever (seriously… didn’t the first one come out less than 10 years ago???), or continue to destroy my ’80s childhood cartoons (yes… that is you, Michael Bay, who I am aiming at… stay the F away from He-Man!).

Lauren Cohan (of The Walking Dead and Supernatural fame), brings a pretty convincing performance. I actually understood where her character was coming from and felt the fear that she did. I also enjoyed that when it came time, she confronted the evil directly, rather than running away screaming, like so many characters seem to do nowadays. But besides that, The Boy is a mediocre film with predictable scares, plot and twists. If you are looking for a decent horror film and don’t want to check out the offerings from studios like Troma, I would suggest renting this one. It’s not a BUY in my book, but definitely worth a RENT.

Next week I will be previewing the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse event coming to Nashville Nightmare Haunted House on June 24-26. It’s going to be an explosively fun night, so I suggest getting your tickets now, as it will sell out. Pick them up if you are already sold on my brief preview here, but be sure to check out the story next week, here, on ZombiesInMyBlog.Com to understand what fun awaits you in the dark corridors of Nashville Nightmare.

Have a great week and enjoy the #hauntlife.

Review: 3/5