If you saw The Equalizer, you should know what to expect with a different background, but the sequel is pretty much the same. Throw in a car chase or two and a little more gun play, plus a storm and that’s about it.

Two parts of a whole don’t always balance out. The Equalizer 2 should be called “Denzel Washington acts like a nice guy.” He’s the neighbor you say, “Hi,” to, but you know there is more to him than that. You just can’t put your finger on it. The movie opens with a train and a cup of hot water, but watch out. When Denzel sets his watch, something bad will happen. I’m not sure why the screenwriter wanted to have his character telegraph every time he is about to hurt people. Is it because he’s trying to break some record for how fast he can kill people or maybe how long he can keep from killing someone? Once the plan is executed, like Clark Kent, The Equalizer goes back to being the local busybody trying to help gardeners and teens equally.

OK, here is where it breaks down. Once again, similar to the first one, he can’t help himself. He has to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. It’s like he can’t make himself stop. I have a theory that he is called “The Equalizer” because he needs to be in balance so bad that if he doesn’t get to hurt someone, he will go crazy. After “The Equalizer” sets the young man (played by Ashton Sanders) on a path that is safer than where he was before, now is where I get disappointed. Sorry, Denzel. If you have a movie about action and bad guys, please don’t make it so easy to tell who the bad guys are. Can we get actors that don’t scream, “I’M A BAD GUY?” There has to be a whole pool of actors who don’t ooze bad-guy vibes before they betray you!

Denzel has some fights with the baddies. I also have to criticize Denzel’s moves in the fights. He moves like he is in a mud-pit. No way he can take these guys in a knife fight. Also, he isn’t in any shape to make the moves he does, realistically. When you are dodging bullets, you have to have quick reflexes. All in all, this movie was a hit with the Denzel fans. By the end, they were clapping and cheering, while I was yawning. After all, I’m here to balance the actual facts from the man and the myth.

The original TV show was never my kind of TV show. The actor playing McCall, Edward Woodward, was nothing like the cool Denzel Washington. His accent was the most interesting thing to me. When Denzel made The Equalizer, he didn’t have plans to make a second movie. Somewhere along the way, he changed his mind. Too bad. Good rule of thumb: Your first instinct is usually the right one. Let’s hope there is no Equalizer 3. I have respect for Mr. Washington. He has made many wonderful movies. This movie was just OK for me. I give it three Zombie heads for the action and the message to young people about standing on your own two feet.