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Aaron Goodwin is Big Steppin to his own beat.

2013 marks the fifth year in a row Aaron Goodwin has attended the ScareFest horror and paranormal convention and he’s been loving every minute of it. When he’s not filming Ghost Adventures, he’s depicting his nightmares through art and selling it through his company, Aaron Goodwin Collections. At ScareFest 6, Aaron previews the upcoming 100th Episode of Ghost Adventures, gives true meaning to Big Steppin and details his upcoming Halloween plans.

What are your thoughts about ScareFest this year?
– “I love it. It’s my favorite thing. I never miss it. We started here, a long time ago. All of us came, then I’ve been coming solo. The other guys would come here and there. I will never miss it. ScareFest was my first convention and my best convention.”

What’s been your highlight this year?
– “I didn’t even leave my booth this year. The highlight was just seeing new people and everybody from all the years coming back. I got to meet the T.A.P.S. guys for the first time, so that was pretty cool.”

Is Ghost Adventures currently filming?
– “Oh, yeah. We never stop. Every other week. It never quits. Always filming.”

Don’t you have an upcoming milestone for Ghost Adventures?
– “Yeah. The 100th episode.”

Can you preview the episode for us?
– “We go to an exorcism house and basically, we get surprised by what shows up.”

What’s the backstory of Big Steppin?
– “It started off as just fun, stepping over people through crowds. Eventually, it turned into, ‘Why take small steps when you can be big stepping in life? That’s kind of like the motto: Just go out there and do it. You know, if you’re selling and making stuff, just get a booth. It may cost a little bit, but you’ll get it back when you sell your product. Trying to get people to go out there to do something instead of sitting around the house or not doing it. You’ve got to do things and fail to get somewhere.”

Aaron Goodwin - Ghost Adventures

You sell art that comes from your nightmares.
– “It comes from my nightmares and my visions. It’s pretty cool. Christian Gabriel and Adam Michaels do all that and Amy Goodwin has been painting and doing stuff with me. She’s actually hunting ghosts, now, because we’re finding out that we’re third-generation ghost hunters. I told my Grandma, ‘You didn’t tell me this the last five years of my life?’ My Grandma says, ‘I thought I told you.'”

“Then we find out we might be related to some people in Salem, Massachusetts, so who knows? We’ve got to find everything out. We’re doing the genealogy line. We come to find out, some of these places I’ve hunted, I have family.”

Do you have any Halloween plans?
– “I don’t think I’ve done anything for Halloween or on a holiday, but chill by myself, for five years. So, probably this year, I might go out. We have to do a live talk on the Internet through Google Plus. I’m pretty sure it’s at 6:00 Eastern Time. After that, I might just go out and watch the crazy ghouls walking around The Strip, all messed up, drunk. It’s probably my plans.”

You’re very active with your social media.
– “My favorite thing is Instagram. It’s like my video diary, every day. I put so many pictures up. My main ones are my Facebook Fan site, Instagram and Twitter, but I’ve got tons more. I do them all and I run them. No one else runs them.”

Will you be appearing at any upcoming conventions?
– “I haven’t really had any time to do conventions, but I’m going to start doing more conventions. I want to do some of the Wizard conventions. I really would love to do Dragon Con. It’s been one of my goals. I was just never really asked to do Dragon Con. I’ve been dying to go. I’ve done Comic-Cons and those were always cool, but I’ve wanted to do Dragon Con ever since I heard of it. I want to go.”

What interests you the most about Dragon Con?
– “The fame of it all. It has a big name. I always hear about it and I’ve always wanted to go, but we never go. This year, I want to go, even if the guys don’t want to. I’m dying to go.”

So, we can expect you to make more appearances next year?
– “Yeah. I want to start doing a lot more of these, but we shoot every other week. You come home with a paranormal hangover and you’re trying to cope. Sometimes, it’s hard to say, ‘I’ll be there in September,’ and get switched up with plans, now you’re shooting somewhere else. I hate cancelling on people. I don’t want to let anybody down.”

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