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Per My Brother
At the conclusion of the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, I ran into a very special Zombie Easter Bunny. In fact, this costumed creature was actually Kynda Shai, The Zombiprincess! Kynda discusses her love of horror films, how she became the Zombiprincess and having what it takes to be crowned the Prom Queen at a Zombie Prom!

Did you get to attend any of the MTAC events?
– “Unfortunately, I didn’t get to attend any of the MTAC events. However, I did make sure I made an appearance and was able to check it out from the outskirts. I still had a blast with all the anime attendees who took the time to chat or capture a photo. I just love meeting kick-ass people!”

Are you a fan of anime or video games? If so, which ones?
– “I am a HUGE fan of video games!!! Ironically, I play a lot of Zombie games! HAHA! Resident Evil, Silent Hill, maybe some Lollipop Chainsaw thrown in. I could honestly list games for days, but we won’t go there…”

What was the highlight of the weekend for you?
– “Honestly, the highlight for me would probably be being able to carry on a conversation with Bill Moseley! I am a huge fan of his work, and he even told me that I was the reason he has stayed in this industry for so long! Being a cute girl covered in blood helped, I’m sure. He was super down to Earth.”

Were you a vendor at the Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival?
– “I was actually assisting a friend who was a vendor! He had a booth there, Sophisticated Scumbag! Everyone make sure to look them up, if you didn’t get a chance to stop by his booth!”

Did you ineract with any other zombies during the weekend?
– “Yes. As you saw, I had a few friends with me. I also ran into a few fellow Zombies inside the convention as well! I know there are pictures floating around, out there somewhere!”

Did you participate in the Zombie Walk?
– “I didn’t know about it until afterward, so I missed it.”

How did you come up with the Zombie Easter Bunny outfits?
– “Well, I attend the Nashville Zombie Walk every year. I always try to come up with some sort of theme. We always have a rather large group of people, as well. So, we’ve done everything from princesses, cheerleaders and football players. One year, we were at a bridal party. Last year, we were Roller Derby girls and coaches, which I do not suggest, by the way. Rolling around downtown all day in a pair of rollerskates was not my favorite experience, to say the least. There is also a prom held every year by a local tattoo shop called Promocalypse! This year will be the fourth year and I have attended every year of that, as well. The second year of Promocalypse, they actually held a prom ballot and crowning! After being voted for, I won! Honestly, I just enjoy the whole thrill of pretending to be a Zombie. It makes me happy and there is nothing wrong with that! The Zombie Bunny theme just came to be because it was the last day of the convention and it just so happened to land on Easter. So, it was kind of a no-brainer… (PUN INTENDED). It was a pretty big hit, too!”

Did you wear any other costumes throughout the weekend?
– “On Saturday, I was just a Casual Zombie. Ha Ha.”

I’m guessing you’re either a fan of tattoos or a fan of horror movies. Is that true?
– “Both, actually!”

Was this the first Full Moon you’ve attended?
– “No, it was not. But it was only my second. I had a blast last year as well! I even entered the Zombie Pin-Up Contest… and won first place!”

Do you have any tattoos?
– “I am kinda covered in them…”

What is your favorite horror movie?
– “I am a horror maniac! It would be so hard to name off only one… so, here are a few of my faves: Hatchet, Trick R Treat, Jaws, Devil’s Rejects, House of 1,000 Corpses, Interview With A Vampire (a new favorite), The Loved Ones, pretty much anything Rob Zombie does.”

We’re big zombie fans. Do you have a favorite zombie movie?
– “I’m actually kind of into B Films or Lower Budget Films, if you will. So, a lot of my favorite Zombie movies are just that. I would have to go with Trailer Park of Terror.”

Is this the first time you’ve dressed as a zombie?
– “Not even close. I live for this shit, any chance I can get! Sometimes, friends and I dress up and just go out for drinks!”

What’s your favorite zombie experiene?
– “I have so many, I could not pick just one!”

Please describe your nickname, Zombieprincess. How did you get it and what does it mean?
– “No lie. I’ve been pursuing modeling since I was about 16 years old. I have gone by two names or aliases in the industry. Zombiprincess being one of them. It fits, and here we are.”

I’m guessing you’re a big fan of undead princesses? How did that come about?
– “I only recently got into the dead-princess thing, probably within the last two years. I think it’s pretty safe to say, though, my interest for dead princesses has turned into a love. I even have a Disney Princess Ariel tattoo on my thigh… as a Zombie! And she is one of my faves thus far!

Who are your favorite zombies or princesses?
– “I love all Zombies and all princesses! Oh, and cupcakes!”

Do you have any plans to attend any future conventions? If so, which ones?
– “Any convention I can attend! I always have so much fun!”