Sukoshi Con topper

Per Matt
We begin the convention season of 2014 by attending Sukoshi Con, tomorrow, in Bowling Green, KY.

Having the focus of being a Social Anime Convention by encouraging social and interactive innovations, Sukoshi Con is a brand of conventions that takes place in multiple locations throughout the Southeast, including appearances in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Texas.

Appearing at the University Plaza on February 15, Sukoshi Con offers a variety of entertainment, including gaming, celebrity guests, panels and cosplayers!

Gaming tournaments include Kaijudo and Magic: The Gathering (both casual and Re-Pack draft) throughout the convention. Other events include a My Little Pony panel, traveling to Japan on a budget panel, a cosplay contest, Fallout Trivia and a concert by DJ Shadow Clone!

There will also be an Artist Alley, featuring artists showing off their skills.

Last but definitely not least, the D20 Girls Project will be making a special appearance, as well. Meet the ladies who promote a positive image for female gamers, many who are also cosplayers.

Speaking of costumes, don’t forget to wear your best outfits! ICONIQ Cosplay Photography will be on location as the official convention photographer to take your pictures!

Can’t wait to get there!

For More Information:
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