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RAW: Nashville hosts Kaleidoscope, its very first greaser and pin-up show, happening on Thursday, June 20, 2013. Hosted by Channel 17 reporter Erin Como with musical assistance by DJ Steviety Bebop, RAW: natural born artists helps to inspire, nourish and promote independent artists through bimonthly showcases. Kaleidoscope’s offerings include a pin-up show, car show, tattoo artists, poetry, prizes, a dance crew and live music. Media Relations Assistant Jessica Winters previews the bimonthly show and describes what it takes to become a RAW: natural born artist.

What defines a RAW artist?
– “We look for talent, potential (Even if they don’t have a gazillion followers or fans, do they have the potential for growth?), professionalism (Do they have a Website? Have they done other shows?), and uniqueness (RAW strives to create an environment where artists can be themselves. So, what makes them unique is what makes us unique, because our artists reflect us.)”

Could you tell me a little about the pin-up and greaser show?
– “We have always been drawn to pin-up styles and culture. So, we decided to incorporate it into the RAW: Nashville culture permanently. This is going to be the first show premiering the soon-to-be annual event. The fashion and hair, in particular, will be geared towards the pin-up look. We also encourage pin-up and greaser attire for show attendees. We just wanted to add a little twist and fun for our patrons. There will be prizes for best pinup and greaser looks and a greasy car show out front!”

Will there be any rockabilly bands performing?
– “Unfortunately, no. That would have been awesome with the theme though!”

Besides models, what other types of artists will be on display/performing?
– “Our shows always have a mixture of talent. There will be 39 musicians, visual artists, photographers, fashion designers, hair stylists and performing artists all displaying their works in a collaborative music/fashion show and pop-up art gallery.”

RAW: Nashville

What type of bands will be performing at RAW?
– “We are excited to present Southern Rock band The Whiskey Conspiracy, singer/songwriter Shelby Marie, Nashville-based rock band Of Archers, and also Nashville-based punk rock band, SEXX. These artists are quite a pick. Each has its own unique style. The Whiskey Conspiracy is inspired by ‘drinking, girls, and friends.’ Their music is that feel-good, thought-provoking rock that anyone can enjoy with a cold beer. Shelby Marie’s inspirations of ‘Taylor Swift, breakups, music, late-night car rides and family’ shine through her infectious girl power tunes. Of Archers are definitely the ‘head bobbers’ of this show. From the first note, the combination of jazz-rock vocals, harmonies, electric riffs, drums, and storytelling produce a smooth rock sound that causes its listeners to get lost in the mix. SEXX’s sound is revolutionary, dance-crazed punk that is sure to get the audience moving. They say what they want to say, when they want to say it — simple as that.”

Will there be any room for the public to dance to the music?
– “Of course, there always is! With the visual art galleries set up along the walls, a stage, and runway, there are people everywhere in Cannery Ballroom. Most of the time, people mingle a little bit then head to the area in front of the stage to dance and enjoy the show.”

How long has RAW been taking place in Nashville?
– “Going on three years this February! The first RAW show premiered on February 17, 2011 at Mercy Lounge. Since then, RAW: Nashville has showcased over 300 independent artists!”

RAW Nashville

What is the primary audience for RAW?
– “Global arts organization RAW: natural born artists is targeted to independent artists all over the world. RAW: Nashville caters to the Nashville creative community. Our shows have a mixed crowd of local artists, musicians, photographers, fashion designers, models, local boutique owners, RAW alumni, supporters, and all-around art lovers. It’s cool, because our audience changes each month with the new lineup of artists. They invite their supporters. So, it’s a new show every time, but we still have those loyal supporters that we truly appreciate.”

Will there be local vendors at the show as well?
– “RAW doesn’t host any vendors, unless they are sponsors of the show. However, the artists are considered our vendors, because they sell their work.”

Will there be any food or drinks served at the show?
– “Yes. Cannery has a bar and staff ready to serve guests.”

I’ve been told that RAW events have a Los Angeles vibe. Do you agree?
– “RAW: natural born artists was actually founded in Los Angeles. Founder Heidi Luerra started this organization to connect local independent artists and provide them with the opportunity to grow and cultivate a fan base. So, yes, in the context of RAW, it is. Once she saw the success of RAW in Los Angeles, she wanted to expand. There are so many great opportunities in Nashville for independent artists. However, we differentiate ourselves by creating an environment for freedom of creativity — no matter the art.”

What else can I expect at tomorrow’s show?
– “You can expect to have a ‘rawking’ GOOD time! RAW is all about networking, meeting new people and supporting great talent. You never know what may come of the night.”

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