Blue Man Group National Tour 5  Photo credit:  ┬ęPaul Kolnik

Blue Man Group National Tour 5, Photo credit: ┬ęPaul Kolnik

Per Matt
The Blue Man Group is part rock concert, part visual comedy and part rave, all wrapped into one incredible performance.

From January 6th through January 11th, 2015, the Blue Man Group will be appearing at Nashville’s Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

If you’ve never seen this group perform live, you’re in for a real treat. The environment is electric. The show focuses on three characters: Men wearing blue masks and gloves. These characters use inventive ways to create new types music. They’re best known for using PVC pipes, among others.

In addition to featuring great music, the show is incredibly interactive. The Men mingle with audience members and create some great comedy bits. Some of my favorite gags involve food, including marshmallows, Cap’n Crunch and Twinkies.

The performance also involves paint, with the front few rows labeled as the splatter zone. Anyone sitting here is required to wear a poncho at all times.

Anthony Riscica

In my interview with Blue Man percussionist Anthony Riscica, we further preview the Nashville show.

Whatever you do, don’t arrive late, or everyone in the building will be laughing at your expense!

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