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Freckle Sue’s backstory can be summed up in three words: She Wants Revenge.

Find out how she got started working with Cosplay Deviants in our revealing Dragon Con interview.

Tell me a little about yourself.
– “My name is Freckle Sue. I work for Cosplay Deviants. I’m been one of their original models for about six years, now.”

Where are you based?
– “I’m based in Orlando, FL.”

What brought you to cosplay?
– “Revenge! When the site first started out, they went to Craigslist. My boyfriend at the time got a business card, found me, gave me the business card and said, ‘You should give this to your best friend because this totally sounds like something she would do.’ I asked about it and he said, ‘It was girls who wore costumes — who were really nerds. They undressed and posed for photos.’ I think I could do that. He said, ‘Yeah. I just don’t see you doing that.’ So, I proved him wrong. That night, I sent photos. They hired me and I did a photoshoot that weekend. So, it was all revenge.”

What’s the story behind your name, Freckle Sue?
– “It’s not as creative as everybody else’s. There was a Voice Actor named Scott McNeil, who did Duo Maxwell on Gundam Wing, which is one of my favorite animes, when I was little. He forgot my name and I was wearing a really revealing top. The next day, I saw him and he said, ‘I remember you from last night.’ I said, ‘What’s my name?’ He couldn’t remember my name and he said, ‘I don’t know, but I remember the freckle that’s on your boob. Hey Freckle!’ I legit have a freckle on my boob. When I created a Facebook Fan page, they require you to have a first and last name. I chose Sue, because I’ll sue anybody if they stole my pictures.”

Cosplay Deviants - Freckle Sue

How do you like Dragon Con this year?
– “Oh, my goodness! I’m having so much fun. This is, technically, my second time. My first one was three years ago and I came because Misha Collins was here. I’m a big Supernatural fan. I didn’t really experience it, because I was only here for two days. That’s it. This was legit: I stayed all four days, did everything every night — I can remember half of them. Awesome!”

Other than working at the booth, what have you gotten to experience at Dragon Con this year?
– “You walk out into the middle of the drunken rave and see the shenanigans that is the other fans. It was fun. I got to meet some of my own fanbase, since I’m one of the original models from Cosplay Deviants. They barely ever see me because I barely ever go to conventions. They get to see me and I get to yell at them and bullshit with them and play Cards Against Humanity with them. It’s all good fun.”

Cosplay Deviants logo

What characters have you cosplayed during Dragon Con?
– “This weekend, I had a nice collection. I got to premiere my Daphne, from Scooby-Doo. I was really worried, because we have a girl named Envy who did Velma. She was phenomenal and everybody freaked out over her. So, when they said I could do Daphne, I was really worried I wasn’t going to get as positive responses because everybody loved Velma more. I got good feedback. I was telling everybody, ‘Here’s a fantasy come true: Kidnap Daphne. Because Daphne always gets kidnapped. So, I had guys flinging me over their shoulders and kidnapping me. It was all good fun. Also, I was Black Canary, Emma Frost and Nami from One Piece.”

Tell me about the Cosplay Deviants calendar.
– “We’re starting to sell 2014 calendars. This is the first convention we premiered it at. We’re going to start selling it on the website. I was January and I’m Speed Racer. You have no idea how funny it is to have all my fanbase try to find me in the calendar. They’re not used to me being a brunette.”

Cosplay Deviants - Freckle Sue

What are you currently geeking out to?
– “I’m geeking out to Supernatural and Teen Wolf. If you ever follow me on Facebook, I legit freak out over these TV shows. If I find a table that sells it, I literally try to hump the table. If I find artwork, I freak out and try to barter with them. Comic-wise, I like very girly girl manga. I love the series Tramps Like Us. It’s not what it sounds like. It’s got a really good story base. I never laughed so hard in my life, but it’s really girly. I like that and Hot Gimmick. Those are my two little girly ones I will always read over and over.”

Do you normally attend Florida cons solo or with Cosplay Deviants?
– “Normally, I go solo. I go for events if they invite me. As an event team, we have over 70 girls. They all want to be a part of it. They want to meet new people. They all want to go out and spread the word. I kind of like to give it to them, because they’re newer. I’m kind of the elder. I like to tell everybody to respect their elderlies. I have seniority, so I get everything. It’s fun when I’m on the event team. They say, ‘Who wants the bed?’ Seniority! I get the bed!”

What’s the next convention you’ll be attending?
– “Oh, I don’t know. That’s why it’s a really big shock if I ever appear anywhere. I don’t have a legit plan of which convention I’m going to. I want to go to as many as possible. I usually go to a lot of the Florida-based conventions: Megacon, sometimes Metrocon, AFO… Any kind of conventions that are legit near me, I’ll go there for a day.”

Cosplay Deviants - Dragon Con 2013

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