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When convention season starts, Vicky Lau is very busy. As a cosplayer, she attends many events as a guest. She’s also a photographer, taking professional pictures of other cosplayers at various conventions around the world. In addition to those responsibilities, she’s a contributor to All That’s Cosplay, which keeps her quite busy, as well. These reasons and more are why Vivid Vision is our Cosplayer of the Month!

In our intervew, we discuss cosplaying in Canada, look ahead to her upcoming con schedule and explore her upcoming trip to Hong Kong.

First of all, how were you introduced to cosplay?
– “When I immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong, I discovered that people dress up in costumes on Halloween! So, I started doing that! Then, afterwards, I found out that’s called cosplay and there are many others that do it, too!”

How long have you been cosplaying?
– “10+ years.”

What was your first costume?
– “Summoner Yuna from Final Fantasy X.”

Do you make all of your costumes?
– “Majority of them!”

Overall, how many costumes would you say you’ve made?
– “OMG, LOL, LIKE 50+??”

Battle Scout Sailor Chibi Moon

What costumes are you most recognized for wearing?
– “Battle Scout Sailor Chibi Moon!! My first worbla armor I made :D”

You’re based in Canada. Please describe your cosplay experience there.
– “Cosplaying is quite similar in both Canada and US. Everyone has the same passion and loves attending conventions and meeting new people! One thing different is that there are far more conventions and in the states they are more readily available!”

You’re a member of All That’s Cosplay. Please describe your role with the group.
– “All That’s Cosplay is a group dedicating to showcasing cosplay talents from around the world! I am one of the contributors by providing cosplay photos of myself and of other cosplayers I have taken pictures of :)”

Do you take pictures of cosplayers at cons? If so, how do you balance being a cosplayer with photo responsibilities?
– “Yes, I do take professional photos of cosplayers at conventions. I’m always cosplaying, so it’s hard to balance cosplay and photography at a convention at the same time. Definitely very hard to balance.”

How many conventions do you usually attend in a year, while cosplaying?
– “I cosplay at every anime convention I attend, even if I’m volunteering. I usually attend at least six a year.”

Are there any cons or events you attend every year that you’ll never miss?
– “Animethon and Anime Expo!!!! Been going to those for years.”

You’re one of the organizers for A Taste of Animethon. What is your role with it?
– “I am the Social Media Coordinator, so I handle all the Public Relations aspect of ATOA (ie: Website, social media, advertisements, etc.)”

In February, you are attending C3 Hong Kong. Can you tell me a little about that event?
– “This is one of the biggest HK anime conventions! Super stoked to attend, as it will be my first Asia convention I’ll be going to!!! I’m excited to meet the local cosplayers and photographers there!!!!”

Do you have any cosplay related to Valentine’s Day?
– “Hmm, ooh no, I haven’t thought of any valentine costumes, actually!”

Saber Nero

What kind of advice would you give to beginner cosplayers?
– “Cosplay is all about having fun and meeting new friends!! Don’t forget that!”

What are you currently geeking out to?
– “Idol Master Cinderella Girls and Love Live!!

Are you a gamer? If so, what types of games do you like to play?
– “I used to game lots, but as my cosplay and photography passion took over, I have very little time to game anymore. But my fav types of games are RPGs and classics like FF, Zelda, etc. And, of course, Pokemon!! Gotta catch ’em all!”

Looking ahead, what cons and events will you be appearing this year?
– “So far, the ones that have been confirmed: Hong Kong C3 convention, A Taste of Animethon, Calgary Expo, Anime Expo, Animethon, Anime Revolution, Edmonton Expo.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
– “Cosplaying is definitely an important passion of mine! I wouldn’t be able to see how my life would be without cosplaying!”

Summoner Yuna

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