Depeche Mode

Welcome to Depeche Mode’s World, Atlanta!

Heavy throbbing beats hit the crowd as Depeche Mode took the stage at Atlanta’s Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood on September 12 – Welcome to My World, the first track off their latest album, Delta Machine, prepped the crowd. The warm fall night brought out the fans en masse for this dark, sexy EDM band. Depeche Mode has been called retro for their frequent radio songplay during the late 1980s to mid-1990s, but proved to be ageless for the all-ages crowd in Atlanta. For a band of early 50-somethings, Dave Gahan (lead vocals), Martin Gore (keyboards, vocals, guitar), and Andy Fletcher (keyboards, vocals), seductively put on a show that you would expect of a younger, electronic band with all the moves, flashing lights, acoustic numbers and raw talent to provide a wormhole back in time, to smoky dance clubs and first loves.

The new beats kept the crowd moving and the classic songs had them out of their seats, singing along. For the majority of the show, Gahan was dancing and gyrating provocatively around the stage, commanding the audience’s attention and admiration. The encore was what really sealed the deal, for Depeche Mode fans – it was like an electric shock went through everyone when the band performed Just Can’t Get Enough. As the encore came to an end, you could tell that the crowd would have easily stayed for another few hours, just to hear more songs from this beloved British EDM band.

The Delta Machine Tour Setlist for September 12, 2013:
– Welcome to My World
– Angel
– Walking in My Shoes
– Precious
– Black Celebration
– Policy of Truth
– Should Be Higher
– Barrel of a Gun
– The Child Inside
– But Not Tonight
– Heaven
– Soothe My Soul
– A Pain That I’m Used To
– A Question of Time
– Enjoy the Silence
– Personal Jesus

– Home
– Halo
– Just Can’t Get Enough
– I Feel You
– Never Let Me Down Again

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