I visited a friend who lives in Atlanta last week. As we got to talking, it just so happened that a well-known actress from The Walking Dead had recently rented out a house in her neighborhood, living on her street. And as the story goes, said actress just-so happens to own a dog and walks it occassionally. They briefly met at some point and had a short conversation.

What a small world. It just so happens that I’m a Zombie fanatic… and my friend, who could care less about Zed, runs across an actress on the hit AMC show, living in her neighborhood, and didn’t give it a second thought until we spoke. We had a few laughs, then changed the subject.

As I was leaving her neighborhood, wouldn’t you know it, a lady approached my car, walking her dog. And guess who it was? Yep. The very same actress. I realized, as I was passing her, her identity, barely concealed under a baseball hat and sweatpants. Shoulda stopped and gotten her autograph, or at least a picture. Maybe next time. Or, better yet, maybe I’ll get my friend to do my dirty work. Locals usually get hall passes, right?

FRIENDLY REMINDER: The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 12th!