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This Geek Goddess dreams of David Tennant and enjoys table-top games!

Recently at MegaCon, Maygin Theresa joined me for an interview to discuss working for Geek Goddess, crocheting sci-fi hats and possibly posing in a future Firefly-inspired photo shoot.

Please tell me how you got started with cosplay.
– “That’s kind of hard. I’ve been making my own clothing, pretty much, my entire life. I’ve always loved to costume. I’ve always loved to dress up. So, cosplaying my favorite characters just seemed like the next logical step.”

What was your first costume?
– “I’ve been dressing up for Halloween, since I was a little girl. I guess my first non-Halloween costume was probably Lara Croft, a long time ago.”

The Baroness

How many costumes have you made, since then?
– “More than I can count.”

What costume would most people recognize you wearing?
– “I would say my Joker is my most-recognized costume. I did a femme Joker; a female version of the Jack Nicholson Joker. I’ve got a plaid skirt, an orange corset with a green vest and a purple jacket with long coat tails… and a big green wig, nice painted white face.”

What kind of advice would you give to beginner cosplayers?
– “Do what you love. Pick a character that you think about a lot, that you have something in common with. Because no matter what your costume looks like, no matter whether or not you think it’s the most professional thing in the world… it’s a character you love and you’re always going to enjoy doing it.”

What are you currently geeking out to?
– “I’m finally getting around to Breaking Bad, which took me a few years to do. I’m going on a binge on Netflix, right now. I’m ALWAYS geeking out to Doctor Who and Firefly.”

Who’s your favorite Doctor?
– “Tennant. I’m a little in love with him, I’m not even going to lie. I’ve had dreams about him… it’s pretty sad.”

Maygin Theresa

Are you a gamer?
– “I am a gamer, when I have the time, which is not very often.”

What kind of games do you like?
– “Currently, the one game that I get to play on a semi-regular basis and I am absolutely loving is Risk Legacy, which is amazing. It’s a board game, obviously, and it’s an awesome campaign version of Risk. Every game that you play permanently changes the board for future gameplay.”

Tell me a little about your company, Gromidez.
– “I knit an crochet things, like Jayne hats — the best replica in the ‘verse. I do costume commissions. I do a little bit of everything except drawings.”


How long have you been working with Geek Goddess?
– “I’m actually one of the newer goddesses. My first set — my Morticia set — debuted on February 15th.”

What do you have planned for the future?
– “In my next set, I’m hoping to a female version of Jayne Cobb.”

What conventions will you be attending next?
– “I always do Dragon Con, and I’ll probably be at Florida SuperCon, down in Miami.”

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