Per Matt
What’s better than free microbrewed beer? A themed party, with free microbrewed beer!

Jackalope Brewing Company threw a terrific party yesterday in Nashville, TN, with Geektoberfest as its theme, combining an Octoberfest party for techies. Vaco Nashville was the party’s official sponsor, so they should get just as much credit for putting on a great show.

Since this was the very first Jackalope event I’ve attended, I made sure to arrive early, get a decent parking spot along the street and sample some great beer.

Although the event was absolutely free, the only requirement was to RSVP. So, I did. Upon arrival, five tables held the complete nametags for everyone who had signed up. Sadly, near the end of the event, more than half of the registered attendees were no-shows. They had no clue what they were missing!

During the event, Vaco Nashville offered prizes for correct trivia answers via their Twitter account. During this time, I had two different groups of people join me at my table, where we discussed Zombie podcasts (We’re Alive), conventions (Dragon Con and Geek Media Expo) and cosplay (steampunk chain-mail costumes are obviously en vogue).


Of the beer selections I sampled:
– Thunder Ann American Pale Ale. I’m not really a fan of hoppy beers, but I wanted to sample this one, regardless.
– Rompo Red Rye Ale. This was described to me as “the least hoppy of them all.” As a fan of red and amber beers, this one was decent.
– Bearwalker Maple Brown. This one was my brew of choice. Bearwalker is the darkest of all the Jackalope beers and as it’s made with “100% Vermont Maple Syrup.” I’m already a fan. Breakfast is my favorite meal of choice and maple syrup is definitely something I enjoy immensely. In a beer, it’s divine!

I only wish Jackalope offered a Stout (which is my current fave) or maybe a seasonal pumpkin beer. Although, as I entered the brewery just last week, when I asked if they offered one, I was told by the bartender, “It’s too early for pumpkins. They’re too ripe. In a couple of months, when they’re ready, we’ll have one.”

That didn’t make any sense to me then and makes even less sense now, because everyone in the world currently has a pumpkin beer. In a couple of months, they’ll all be sold out and it’ll be time for Christmas beers (my all-time fave).

Regardless, I’m a HUGE supporter of local microbrews. Jackalope was kind enough to put on such a great event. Besides the beer, company and trivia, there was an ongoing cornhole competition, food trucks and a mobile video game unit as well, which interested me, as well. In fact, we got the whole group to compete. After a few beers, matches of Mario Kart and Injustice: Gods Among Us were incredibly epic!

Thank you again, Jackalope Brewing Company and Vaco Nashville, for putting on such a great party! Can’t wait for the next one!

For More Information:
Jackalope’s Website