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More than 200 pinball games and video games from throughout the years will be set to free play and will be available to be enjoyed with a sense of nostalgia, alongside plenty of newer games as the Grand Ole Gameroom Expo returns to Middle Tennessee, offering a public event that’s open to gamers of all ages on November 10th to 12th at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs hotel.

The 2017 Nashville Arcade & Pinball Expo is a family and kid-friendly event that will offer fun for everyone. The Southern Strike-Out Pinball Tournament will be taking place on Saturday, along with other tournaments throughout the weekend, including Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Injustice 2. Both of the video game tourneys are offering a $500 first-place prize, so make sure to sign up for the competitions early.

Weekend and one-day tickets are still available to purchase for the arcade online.

Attendees are encouraged to bring arcade games to the event. For every unit brought, you will receive a weekend pass (up to four) and each unit brought will qualify for one entry into the Stern Aerosmith Pro Model Pinball Machine Giveaway.

Photo Courtesy: Grand Ole Gameroom Expo

Event Organizer David Corrigan discusses the details for this throwback event:

What can fans expect in the second year of this event?

  • “We have a booth of new Stern Pinball machines in the center of the ballroom. Their latest machines, like Star Wars, Aerosmith and Batman 66 will be available to play.”

What’s new for 2017?

  • “We have updated our consoles with the latest from Playstation VR, Nintendo Switch and the XBOX One X.”

What are some of the panels do you have planned?

  • “Let’s Melt Some Metal — A Soldering Tutorial, Nintendo’s Sky Skipper Reveal, Believability in Video Games, From Zero to Game Developer, Discussion on the Artwork of Atari and a few others.”

Is this considered a retro video game event?

  • “Since we do have so many older systems, yeah, I think so.”

As a retro arcade fanatic, I have to ask: Will you have Ms. Pac-Man with a speed chip?

  • “I think at least one will be there.”

What’s the reaction you notice when current-gen kids play retro games for the first time?

  • “The pinball games are always a hit. A lot of the classic arcade games as well.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

  • “Don’t miss the show!”

Don’t forget to use include #GOGX17 as the official event’s hashtag in all your social media posts. We can’t wait to get our game on at this event!

Photo Courtesy: Grand Ole Gameroom Expo

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