Per Matt
Last week, Robert Irvine LIVE visited Nashville’s Tennessee Performing Arts Center and it was definitely a whirlwind of energy, fitness and positivity wrapped around some amazing food demos.

From the moment he arrived on stage, Chef Robert Irvine was having a blast. And why shouldn’t he? His television shows Dinner: Impossible (the highest-rated TV show on Cooking Channel) and Restaurant: Impossible (the highest-rated TV show on Food Network) are doing great and he’s helping failing businesses taste success, while helping business owners form better relationships with their employees. He truly enjoys helping others.

Chef Irvine began his culinary training while he was a member of the British Royal Navy at the young age of 15. It was there that he initially learned about fitness and cooking and has continued to preach his love for each, to this day. On stage, he had a FaceTime chat with the USO CFO and discussed his recent experiences with the organization, along with changing lives of military personnel and how his experiences changed him, as a person.

Robert Irvine LIVE is totally unscripted, much like his TV shows. This was evidenced during his next FaceTime chat with Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host Guy Fieri, who was Irvine’s best man at his wedding. Watching these guys chat with each other could easily produce another hit TV show. I’d watch it.

Oh yeah, there were also a few food challenges, as well! Audience participation is a major draw for this type of show. Randomly selected attendees chose a variety of ingredients to prove Chef Irvine can cook a great meal out of practically anything. Pickled pigs feet, Lucky Charms, gummy worms and Guy Fieri Pepperoni Marinara Pasta Sauce were all randomly chosen and used in one dish. According to the tasters, the meal was delicious.

Later in the show, Chef Irvine proved he could cook a meal with not one arm tied behind his back, but with both arms handcuffed behind a very big dude! The physical challenge was successful, even though he could barely see what he was doing the entire time. Impressive, indeed.

There were lots of local TNA wrestlers in attendance, some even made guest appearances on stage. Also, the Alabama family that appeared on an episode of Restaurant Impossible stepped on stage to make a statement. Clearly, they made an impression with Chef Irvine. He truly enjoyed helping them. Apparently, they sold their restaurant and have since started a second business. They’ve finally become successful.

The Biggest Revelation: Chef Irvine revealed after the Worst Chefs outcome, he will never, ever compete in another food competition. He wasn’t too happy with the show’s results, to say the least.

Overall, he truly believes nothing is impossible when it comes to preparing food, and truly takes food and fitness very seriously.