What’s that phrase about sequels? I’m sure you’ve heard it mentioned millions of times in the past, so there’s no use in repeating it. Whether it’s true or not, that’s up for you to determine — I won’t judge your opinions. But I will bring up the point that Lego Masters, the reality game show that brings in the “best Lego builders in the country to build inspiring, complex constructions” returns with what host Will Arnett claims is a “bigger, better and brickier” Season 2. Have you prepared yourself?

Just like last year, the winning team will take home a grand prize of $100,000, as well as a Lego trophy and the title of being a Lego Master. However, the sequel has a few new elements in store for everyone to enjoy. Season 2 includes more teams (there’s currently 12 competing), more challenges and five million Lego bricks, which is a lot more to work with, compared to the previous year.

Arnett returns with more jokes, while never taking himself too seriously (at times his panning to the camera takes away from the overall drama between the teams during the limited time crunches). Brickmasters Amy and Jamie are back as well, looking for creativity, storytelling and personality to shine through the contestants’ entries, along with technical ability and movement. That seems like a lot to ask for, but these teams are competing for a lot of money… to play with children’s toys. So, all of those details seem like child’s play.

After introductions were formally made, the first challenge to build a parade float was made and the completion deadline was within 14 hours (The time sure flies on this show!). Did I mention the winning team received the Golden Brick, which gives immunity to a future challenge? As a lifelong fan of Legos, this show has definitely grabbed my attention! And the creations were nothing to shake a stick at!!!

There’s plenty of bright colors on display, along with heaps and heaps of imagination at bay. And — spoiler alert — no one’s going home after the very first challenge. That’s not really a bad thing, as everyone is still trying to get comfortable working within the show’s parameters.

I look forward to seeing more of the contestants’ style brought to life in the upcoming challenges. It’s good to see some Asians represented on the show (They actually won the Golden Brick!). And I can’t wait for the next episode, as explosions will somehow get incorporated into the next challenge. Sequel or not, Lego Masters is definitely back with a bang!

Looking back to the show’s first season, I enjoyed the Hollywood guest stars’ presence, so any sort of speculation on who might appear in the sequel season is unnecessary. The main highlight of last year was the season’s Star Wars-themed build, and again, I’m wondering aloud what franchised Lego toy might be highlighted in Season 2. I’d love to see some superhero toys receive the spotlight. To include the show’s host for a fun experience, that would mean bringing in DC Comics’ fan favorites!

Personally, I’d love to see multiple actors who have portrayed Bruce Wayne onscreen (most notably, Michael Keaton!), along with his alter ego, in one episode. Naturally, I’d expect some intense Batman-themed creations to tie it all together!

Season 2 of Lego Masters is currently airing on the Fox Network, as well as On Demand.