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It’s almost here. We can’t wait. The tension has been boiling all season long. It’s going to be a knock-down, bloody Battle Royale!

On one side, the good guys of Rick’s Gang have fortified The Prison for an expected full-scale invasion.

On the other side, stand the tenants of Woodbury’s utopia and their megalomaniacal leader, The Governor! Bent on seeking revenge for taking his eye (and zombified baby), The Governor won’t stop at anything until Michonne is taught a lesson. Even if it means torturing Andrea — his love interest — or treating her as a way to his means. Hell or high water, he will have his way… or die trying.

Merle is already a goner, having been dispatched by The Governor last episode. Who knows what type of mental state Daryl will be in. All we know for sure, is what we’ve seen on Talking Dead and read in Rolling Stone magazine. In fact, according to the mag, at least 29 characters will die! We don’t know if that number includes Merle or not, but it’s gonna be a H-U-G-E and gory duel to the death. One, which means many regular characters will not be returning to Season Four next year.

As of this second, the only surviving characters of the pilot episode are Rick and Carl. That probably won’t change… for now.

Who will make the cut? Who will be cut? We despise spoilers here at Zombies In My Blog, but we like to speculate. Here’s our selections of the dead weight who won’t survive to next season:

Quite a few Woodbury Red Shirts, er, kids with guns. They never had a chance.
Beth. Is that her name? Maggie’s little sister. Besides babysitting duty, she’s been useless lately.
Sasha. This one is a 50-50 shot, but she’ll probably survive. Tyrese, her brother, is a definite. She is a maybe.
Allen. Ben’s father is a goner. First Ben. Then his father, Allen.
Glenn. Sadly, he’s grown too big for his britches lately. He’ll get married, then die. And be replaced by Tyrese as the soul of the show.
Martinez. I can see him taking out a good guy, then suffering a grisly death (probably by Daryl).
Carol. This one is iffy, but given a past track record, she’s practically been written out of the storyline already. She won’t be greatly missed.
Carl. This one is unlikely to happen, but with his past shenanigans behind him, he’s more tolerable now, but still annoying.
Andrea. If we’re lucky, the Governor will take her, then die himself. No more sleeping with the enemy storylines!
The Governor. This one is a safe bet.

These are all assumptions and