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The MOVE Gogo Dancers are getting ready for the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention. Led by Co-Leaders Mae Harrison and Harley Tolson, the ladies will be performing at MTAC’s Friday and Saturday night raves, as well as attending the convention at their vendor table in the dealer’s room. Co-Leader Harley Tolson gives us the inside scoop on what to expect at MTAC this year, the group’s love of cosplaying and their upcoming events.

First of all, please introduce yourself. And how did you get involved with MOVE?
– “My name is Harley Tolson and I have been a member of the MOVE Gogo Dance team since January of 2012, I was approached through Jonathan Harris about representing the MOVE Gogo Team. Jonathan is the company owner of MOVE Entertainment.”

Is MOVE based in Nashville?
– “MOVE is based in Tennessee, including areas of Nashville, Knoxville and Memphis.”

What kind of events do the MOVE dancers attend?
– “We usually travel out of state anywhere between 5 to 10 times a year. Some of the bigger events include Dayglow and The Bounce Music Festival. I would say the smaller events are more fun because they are more personal, however larger events are fun as well. That feeling you get inside of you, during the performance (in front of thousands) is a lot of fun!”

How did MOVE get involved with MTAC and GMX?
– “We were approached by Marcus Moore, director of MTAC to work at both GMX and MTAC. Since all of our girls are into anime, video games, movies etc. It was an awesome opportunity that we all equally agreed to jump on!”

Other than MTAC and GMX, has MOVE participated in other conventions?
– “So far, these are the only conventions we have worked on, but we all love it and would welcome an opportunity to work at a few more! The people and vibes at conventions are just amazing! You always know you are going to have a fun time while working.”

What is the average day like as a member of MOVE?
– “Constant promotion through word of mouth, flyer or social media websites! Just contstantly promoting yourselves and certain events.”

Is working with MOVE a full time job, or part time?
– “Being co-leader of the dance team is sometimes a full-time job and on other hands a part-time job. It really just depends on the events and how much effort and time needs to be put into them.”

How many people are members of MOVE?
– “MOVE Entertainment has alot of members, including the DJs, the Street Team and the Dancers. As of right now, the MOVE Gogo Dancers have 10 members.”

How does one become a member of MOVE?
– “If you want to become a dancer or performer, we hold annual auditions about every three or four months. If you want to become a street team member, join through Facebook! (We always need good promoters!!) And to become a DJ, talk to Jonathan Oreo Harris or Ryan Skektek Walker for more audition information.”

Are the ladies of MOVE big fans of anime? If so, which ones?
– “A few of our girls are really into anime, especially our lovely Charlotte! She’s ConKitty at this year’s MTAC!”

Are you a big anime fan?
– “I watch a little anime. I’m more of a giant video game nerd!”

What’s your favorite video game?
– “My favorite video game would have to be Borderlands 2 or Skyrim. I’m very into RPG games and embracing myself into another universe!”

What was your first video game experience?
– “My first video game experience would be Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega. And Sega was also my first video game console.”

Are the costumes of the MOVE ladies based on any anime characters? Or other characters?
– “A few of our ladies will be in cosplay costume, from anime, to video game characters to cartoon characters! You will just have to come out to MTAC and see!”

Are you a cosplayer? Will you be wearing any character-based outfits at MTAC?
– “I do love to dress up! (As do most of our girls) I am going to cosplay as Harley Quinn this year. And most of our other girls will be cosplaying as well! Come see us!”

Will you be attending any panels or costume contests this year?
– “If I have the time to run around and check everything out, I definitely will!”

Is this your first MTAC to attend?
– “No. This is my third time attending MTAC. But definitely my first working for it! I’m excited to see the difference between attending one and participating in one.”

What are you looking forward to most at MTAC this year?
– “I am looking foward to promoting the Gogo Team and meeting all the new and fun individuals that come with conventions!”

Where will you be performing at MTAC this year?
– “We will be performing both during the Friday Night Mixer and the Saturday Night’s Devil’s Dungeon Rave!”

Move also has a vendor table. What will be sold there?
– “We will be selling additional things from our sponsor, Still Pissed At Yoko, including clothing and hats. Along with some hula hoops that our girls have made and some custom-made dancing bras (Go-go Bras), that our lovely Hayley Montaque has made!”

Can you tell me a little about the Sinrgy Sponsorship Contest that MOVE recently won?
– “We signed up for the sponorship contest through a mutual friend of Sinrgy. We had to send in full bios of the team and an essay on how we would help promote Sinrgy if we won their sponorship! We also had a photo battle on Facebook with other gogo teams, to see who collected the most likes and comments below their photos. And thanks to our amazing followers and fans (WE LOVE YOU ALL) we won by a landslide!”

After MTAC, where can we find MOVE? What other events will the group be attending?
– “The Next Saturday after MTAC (April 6th) we will be celebrating the MOVE Entertainment One Year Anniversary at UV Nightclub in downtown Nashville on 2nd Avenue. It’s going to be an amazing event with some of the best lighting and local DJs in the Tennessee area! And of course, all the beautiful women of The MOVE Gogo Dance Team!”

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