Per My Brother
Although it was a successful weekend attending MomoCon 2013, it ended with a loss of camera and photos of the weekend. Luckily, the camera was successfully returned to its rightful owner. Behold the pictures that defined the weekend of MomoCon 2013:

You will find many cosplayers, some anime costumes, some TV and movie related costumes, some video game costumes, along with some originals as well. While I love to see the craftsmanship from professional-looking costumes (See the WHOLE BioShock crew! Represent Big Daddy!), I really do enjoy the ingenuity of the simpler ones.

[DDSPG_Gallery id=”4″]

Unfortunately, some were a bit fuzzy (due to my shaking with excitement, ‘natch). So, I have included the best of the best from throughout the weekend.

MomoCon 2013 was a great convention. We had a fun-filled weekend with a nice eventual surprise, recovering our camera. Can’t wait for the next MomoCon!