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Per My Brother
At the conclusion of the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, I ran into a very special Zombie Easter Bunny. In fact, this costumed creature was actually Stevi Summers, The Mermaid Lady! Stevi discusses working as a Tattoo Artist, creating wearable mermaid costumes and her future plans for creating a Zombie Mermaid costume next year!

Was this the first MTAC you’ve attended?
– “Unfortunately, this was the first one I was able to attend. I’ve always worked a job that wouldn’t allow me time off to attend. But this year, I was finally able to go and I had a blast!”

Are you a fan of anime or video games?
– “Yes! My favorite anime will probably always be Trigun. I like G.T.O. and Outlaw Star as well. I’m more of an anime series nerd than a gamer.”

Did you interact with any other zombies during the weekend?
– “I always do. My best friend is the most-famous zombie in Nashville. She’s known as Kynda Zombieprincess. If it weren’t for her, I’d probably never know what it’s like to be covered in blood. We also had other friends who always join us in our blood-covered endeavors.”

Is there a background story behind the Zombie Easter Bunny outfits?
– “I’m pretty sure it was Kynda’s idea. She came up with it because it was Easter, or Zombie Jesus Day as some call it. She thought it would be fun, since we were mainly part of the Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Convention. I came up with the Easter basket idea. I contribute as much as I can, but the Zombie genius is all my friend Kynda.”

Did you wear any other costumes throughout the weekend?
– “Actually, I only got to be there on Sunday. I was there Saturday evening, for a tattoo appointment. But next year, I fully intend to participate in all three days and dress up as well.”

Did you participate in the Nashville Zombie Walk?
– “I usually do! I was in Colorado during the last one, but I have participated in many previous Nashville Zombie events, including the Zombie Walk. It’s a blast. My favorite part is all the bystanders, afraid of getting blood on them. It makes me laugh.”

I’m guessing you’re either a fan of tattoos or a fan of horror movies?
– “Yes! Both, actually. I grew up with a tattooed parent, so naturally, I chose that path as well. I’m also a Tattoo Artist. But as far as horror movies go, I LOVE them. I saw my first horror movie at a very young age and was completely enthralled with the makeup, costumes and all that goes into making a horror movie. I even studied Costume Design, because I’m so into it.”

Was this the first Full Moon you’ve attended?
– “Yes, as much as I hate to admit it. I would love to be at every single tattoo, horror, anime, cosplay-related convention, but work and life always seemed to be in the way. But not any more. I finally got to go! I was SO excited.”

Do you have any tattoos?
– “I have many tattoos. I have almost nine years’ worth of tattoos and I also tattoo, so I’m pretty well covered. I have a full sleeve to my knuckles, a full chest piece that’s almost done and lots and lots of other randomness.”

What is your favorite horror movie?
– “That is such a tough question! I’m going to say Carrie, simply because I just saw the preview for the new one and I am beyond excited about it. Kynda and I both had goose bumps. We can’t wait!”

Do you have a favorite Zombie movie?
– “My Zombie-movie relationship had always been sort of sparse, but again, thanks to Kynda, I’ve been introduced to all kinds of zombie-related things, including movies. So, thanks to her, my favorite Zombie movie is either Zombie Strippers (Robert Englund is in it) or Trailer Park of Terror. I’m also a huge B- movie fan.”

Is this the first time you’ve dressed as a zombie?
– “Nope! My first experience as a zombie was the 2010 Nashville Zombie Walk. Kynda told me about it and said I should go. So, she dressed me to match her as a Zombie Cheerleader and our other friend was a Zombie quarterback. We had a blast. But I do have to confess, I am not a fan of the stickiness from the fake blood. I really, really enjoy the dressing up but I can only do sticky so long, before I’m ready to take it off. Paint is a good alternative to that, just not as realistic.”

What’s your favorite zombie experience?
– “I’d have to say Promocalypse 2011 in Nashville. It was the first annual Zombie Prom put on by Black 13 Tattoo Co. in Nashville. It was a blast. Formal wear was required so we hit up our local Goodwill for suits and dresses and shredded and bloodied them. I was especially pleased with my outfit, because I ended up making my dress. I couldn’t find one I liked enough. Best Zombie Day Ever. My bestie was also crowned the first-annual Zombie Prom Queen and she definitely lives up to her title.”

Do you have any plans to attend any future conventions?
– “I would definitely love to. As long as I’m in town and free, I’ll be there. I’ll be at a really big Mermaid convention in August, called Mer-Palooza.”

Please describe Mermaid Noveli. What is it, exactly?
– “Mermaid Noveli is my Mermaid character, that I play. I wear a mermaid tail and go to events for kids and adults, alike.”

I’m guessing you’re a big fan of mermaids? How did that come about?
– “I’m a HUGE fan of mermaids, ever since I was a little girl. I recently discovered you could make mermaid tails that you could swim in. So, I made one for myself and two friends and we started doing parties as mermaids. Then a huge demand for my tails resulted in me starting a business as a mermaid-tail maker.”

What are your favorite mermaid moments?
– “My favorite mermaid movie will always be Splash, with Darryl Hannah and Tom Hanks. My company is sort of named after a comment made by a character in the mermaid movie Aquamarine, so I guess you could say it’s a favorite, too. One of the characters in the movie calls the mermaid ‘Fish Butt’ as a nickname.”

You sell mermaid costumes. Have you ever dressed as a mermaid zombie?
– “Not yet, but there are plans for it in the very near future! I was asked to portray a zombie mermaid for a project that will be released on my Noveli website very soon, as well as Fish Butt’s website. I’m so excited! I can’t wait!”

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