Blood Thirsty Thursday 2014

Per Matt
On Thursday, October 30th, the Adventure Science Center will be overrun by the undead!

Blood Thirsty Thursday is a special Halloween-themed Way Late Play Date, featuring costumed superheroes, Zombies… and Other Monsters. It is a 21-and-over event that will feature many themed exhibits throughout the museum, Halloween trivia, a costume contest, adult beverages and a seasonal planetarium show.

Preparing for the event, we interviewed Philanthropy Coordinator Ashton Mothersbaugh (as seen in the Zombie photo below) to get even more excited for the annual event (as if that’s even possible). If you’re planning on going, you better act fast! Tickets are disappearing quickly!

Ashton Zombie

What are some of your responsibilities at the Adventure Science Center?
– “As the Philanthropy Coordinator at the Adventure Science Center I work closely with the philanthropy staff to identify, research, and solicit donors. I am also the point person for the Philanthropy office and the database administrator. I am also responsible for the planning and implementation of the quarterly fundraising event, Way Late Play Date, and assisting with the annual Gala.”

Please describe Blood Thirsty Thursday in your own words.
– “Blood Thirsty Thursday is one of our quarterly Way Late Play Dates. This one is Halloween themed and will include spooky education activities such as Brain Dissection, Contagion containment, Make-your-own ectoplasm, and Test Your Genome for Zombie Immunity. Along with these activities we will also have a costume contest at 8:30 pm! Some of sponsors for the event include Fat Bottom Brewery, Electric Sliders, TigerMeat, Wannado, Hip Hues, GMX, and the Tennessee Ghostbusters.”

What kind of Zombie-themed games or exhibits will be on display?
– “The education activities will include Brain Dissection, Contagion containment, Make-your-own ectoplasm, and Test Your Genome for Zombie Immunity.”

Do you have any recommendations for anyone participating in the costume contest?
– “The more creative the better! Last year was zombie themed, so this year, we hope to have more variety with a broader theme.”

The Tennessee Ghostbusters will be attending this event. Are there any other cosplay groups participating in the event?
– “There are not any other cosplay groups attending, but Nashville’s Geek Media Expo will be participating.”

What will be shown in the planetarium?
– “The planetarium show will be Home Grown Dome playing at 7:15 pm, 8:15 pm and 9:15 pm.”

Are tickets still available?
– “Tickets are still available for purchase online or at the door. Here is the link.”

Blood Thirsty Thursday 2013

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