Something titillating is stirring inside the boudoir…

Following last year’s much-talked-about event, Nightmare Boudoir Vol. II looks to build upon its past success by creating a fun holiday-themed event that can help those most in need. Twelve of Nashville’s finest and weirdest burlesque artists will celebrate their favorite holiday on Wednesday, October 11 at the Nashville Nightmare Haunted House.

Everyone working this event, from the volunteers to the dancers, is doing so purely for the love of the craft and a desire to help those in need. Teaming with Haunt PINK Awareness to raise funds and awareness of breast cancer through the art of burlesque, all proceeds from this show directly benefit an individual within the local community.

Attendees can expect a break from the real world, along with good vibes and super-fabulous humans gathered in one space, who just want to have fun. Most of the event’s volunteers run their own businesses, including help from the Delinquent Debutantes (Nashville’s burlesque finishing school), 3D Printing Egg, Captain Rodney’s, Corsair Artisan Distillery, Kenzie Stephens Photography, Melody Skyy and Sweeten Deadly, who designed our poster.

New this year is a lineup of fresh and seasoned performers, each bringing their own unique Halloween-inspired act. All of the performers are based out of Nashville, and they’ll be bringing everything from lore, to killer housewives, to scarecrows, to Silence of the Lambs-inspired numbers. What can be seen at this show that can’t be seen elsewhere in town this season is uncensored burlesque. This means nudity is allowed and what is presented won’t necessarily be restricted. The event is strictly 18+. Tickets are available to purchase via the event’s ticket link.

This Year’s Performers Include:

  • Abby Costello
  • Benita Phoenix
  • Gogo Incognito
  • Jinx Lovecraft
  • Kim Bustible
  • Mass-A-Fras
  • Ozkr Wyld
  • RoseMarie
  • Sassenach St. Cyr
  • Schatzi Love
  • Vivi Vendetta
  • Zelda Monroe

The event is set up in the large makeup room “backstage,” to create a truly intimate and underground space for the show. There will also be a small auction held between sets including Haunt PINK Swag, a signed poster and an autographed prize package from L.A.-based scream queen Brooke Lewis.

Event Coordinator and performer Ozkr Wyld provided some background information about Nightmare Boudoir Vol. II.

Ozkr Wyld – Photo Credit: R&M Imagery

“Nightmare Boudoir started last year. I began my burlesque (artistic striptease commonly promoting body positivity, self-love and ownership of one’s individuality/sexuality) career in Chicago nearly three years ago. Shortly after, I moved back to Nashville and started to mingle within the scene. Unlike the more variety-filled shows up north, Nashville was more reserved, performance-wise. There are laws in place which inhibit nudity or innuendo in spaces serving alcohol, which really inhibits such an intimate art as burlesque. I’d been trying to find an avenue in which performers would be able to create something truly unique or weird and not be afraid to limit their creativity.”

Ozkr Wyld continues: “Before my move up north, I’d worked with Ana of Haunt PINK Awareness for some time through various film and haunt-related endeavors. The idea came to create a benefit show, in which performers can create the art they want, with all proceeds being donated to Haunt PINK. The idea of hosting an uncensored breast cancer benefit show inside of a haunted house was too good to pass up (because Halloween season is like Christmas for burlesquers). We jived some ideas and made it happen with some great success.”

“Haunt PINK was created by Ana Miller. Their mission is to raise funds throughout the haunt season and donate all of their makings to a select individual of the community who has been affected by breast cancer. This year, our recipient is Janet Duke, and more information on her story can be found here.”

“Last year was a wild success that continues to be talked about. The first Nightmare Boudoir event brought in $1,000 through ticket sales and merch. Our recipient attended, and the smile on her face was what made the entire event worthwhile. Myself and all involved are super excited to do it all again this Wednesday.”