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The Adventure Science Center is going out of this world, rounding up many great breweries for representation at the sixth annual Science of Beer.

Taking place on Thursday, December 18th, in Nashville, TN, there will be 26 participating breweries on the premises, offering samples of 76 types of beer. That’s a lot of great craft beer available for a limited amount of time. In addition to a wide variety of beer, there will also be homebrewing speakers, beer-science activities and even liquid nitrogen beer ice cream! Make sure you try some before it’s all gone!

Previewing the event, I interviewed Development Associate Timothy M. Sears to get a little more information about the upcoming Science of Beer event.

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In your own words, how would you describe the event?
– “Science + Craft Beer = The most fun beer festival in Nashville. This event is truly different than any other beer festival in town, because you get to enjoy not only great beer, but the exhibits of the Adventure Science Center.”

“The Science of Beer has quickly become one of the larger fundraising events for the Science Center thanks to the generous support of Lipman Brothers. 100% of ticket sales directly support the operations and programs of Adventure Science Center. Our sellout number is 850 attendees, and tickets are $40 in advance and $50 at the event. So, don’t procrastinate, get your tickets today.”

What is the theme for this year’s event?
– “The theme is ‘Take me to your Brewmaster,’ as we will have a variety of representatives from a number of breweries on-site.”

What is new for Science of Beer in 2014?
– “Like last year, we will be featuring the breweries by their geographic region. As you make your way through the Science Center, you will have close encounters of the thirst-kind, sampling beers from the South, East Coast, West Coast and Midwest. It’s a great way to explore the brew-niverse! Guests will also have the opportunity to play mini rounds of bar trivia presented by Wannado in the Beer Garden.”

With so many breweries represented, will this event be the biggest one yet?
– “This number is about the same as last year… we only have so much space in the Science Center. However, a few new breweries will be showcased, along with many new and seasonal beers.”

How many beers will each brewery have available for sampling?
– “Most breweries will offer 3-4 beers to sample.”

Do you know if any brewery will have small-batch beers for sampling?
– “Many of the breweries will be featuring seasonal beers.”

Who are some of the speakers who will be making beer-related presentations?
– “Brewers from Craft Brewed and Turtle Anarchy, as well as reps from Mayday, Erie, Sierra Nevada and Woodchuck will be in attendance.”

Can you tell me some of the subjects to be discussed by the home-brewing speakers?
– “The brewing pros onsite will be able to discuss basic and advanced topics and questions related to home-brewing and beer in general.”

Science of Beer Ladies

What are some of the beer-science activities that will be taking place?
– “Our team of educators has devised a selection of physics-based ‘bar bets for our guests to challenge each other with. For example, can you open a beer bottle using just a piece of paper? Or, remove a dollar bill from underneath an upside-down beer bottle without touching or making the bottle fall? They are a lot of fun and tricky!”

How many people attended last year? How many do you project for this year?
– “Last year a little more than 800 people attended, and this year we project a sellout with 850 attendees.”

Can you preview this year’s beer ice cream flavor?
– “This year’s liquid nitrogen beer ice cream will be made with Turtle Anarchy’s Permafrost Winter Ale. With hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger, this is sure to be a super cool tasty treat.”

Is there one beer you’re especially excited to try this year?
– “I’m really excited to taste Turtle Anarchy’s Permafrost Winter Ale in both liquid and ice cream form.”

What was your favorite beer from last year’s event?
– “Oskar Blues is one of my favorite breweries. The beer is good, and they use cans instead of bottles. I’m a big proponent of canned craft brews.”

Are tickets still available?
– “Yes, tickets are available.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
– “I’d like to give a big shout out to our generous sponsors, who without their support this event would not be possible: Lipman Brothers, Burger Up, Turtle Anarchy, Craft Brewed, Minuteman Press, Wannado, All Season’s and Hip Hues. And to our participating food trucks: Music City Pie Co. and the Steaming Goat.”

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