Superman: Unbound

As a first in the DC Universe Animated Movies, Superman teams up with Supergirl to battle Brainiac, but is this a familiar story?

Superman: Unbound is the 16th DC Universe Animated Movie and I’ve seen practically every one of them. Full Disclosure: I prefer the Batman animated titles, so a Superman storyline really needs to grab me, in order for me to enjoy it. Sadly, this one feels like a rebooted storyline from the far superior Superman: The Animated Series.

In actuality, Superman: Unbound is a direct-to-DVD video based upon the comic Superman: Brainiac.

What Unbound does feature is slick animation that looks better than any previous animated program, but I don’t like the new-look Superman. I miss the more-pronounced chiseled jaw look from the ’90s cartoon, as well as Voice Actors Tim Daly and Dana Delany, who’ve been replaced with Matt Bomer and Stana Katic.

In this 75-minute story, Brainiac’s robotic minions descend onto Earth, continuing his never-ending quest to collects information of the universe and later uploading his specimens into his private database. Superman must team up with Supergirl, who’s all-too familiar with Brainiac’s actions.

Having a supervillian equally powerful as Superman is welcome, but this story feels like it’s already been told. In fact, this storyline could easily be printed in old-school Brave and the Bold comic books.

I did like how Supergirl is a central character to this story, not mainly focusing on the Superdude. I didn’t like dealing with the Lois-and-Clark romantic drama, though. Brainiac is cool and calculating; this time featured with green skin. At first glance, I mistook him for the Martian Manhunter, J’onn J’onzz. AK.

Marvel may own the live-action superhero movie Universe, but DC knows how to crank out great animation!

One of the DVD extras is a preview for the upcoming release: The Flashpoint Paradox. DC Guru Geoff Johns, Director Jay Oliva, Publisher Dan DiDio and Producer James Tucker have me VERY excited for this one, from the moment they mention super speed, time travel and alternate realities!

I enjoyed that trailer much more than the entire Superman movie!

Strength: A couple of strong females in a Universe overshadowed by men.
Weakness: Main storyline feels redundant.
WTF Moment: Lois Lane gives Brainiac the double one-finger salute! Supes curses!

Notable Quotes:
– “The skirt’s the bad cop?”
– “You exist because I allowed you to be.”
– “I am everything. You are nothing but fists.”
– “I am the knowledge and strength of 10,000 worlds.”
– “Put yourself in the center of the galaxy? A little egocentric, aren’t we?”
– “You can’t control a living thing without destroying what’s alive about it.”
– “The most powerful man in the world and you still can’t control the women in your life.”

Review: 3/5