Ghosts, like humans, come in all shapes and sizes. You may never know if you’re staring at one, dead in the face, until you read this book.

100 Ghosts: A Gallery of Harmless Haunts attempts to take a hauntingly funny look at each type of ghost, to better inform the general population.

Written by stand-up comedian Doogie Horner, 100 Ghosts is a quick-read coffee-table book that arrives at bookstores just in time for Halloween — the perfect opportunity to use this new-found information!

There are many types of ghosts from many different genres on display, in this collection. Many pop-culture references are mixed with the classic archetypes. My favorites include: the Haunted Chinos, Pac-Man, Homemade, Steampunk and The Fantastic Four.

The art on display is simplistic, cute and full of Geek Culture. As Mr. Horner is also a writer and a designer, I assume he perfected each illustration in this book.

My only complaints are minor ones, as the forward is very funny, but random. I would have preferred something a little more topical about the book, instead. Also, I wish the book was longer! I need more ghostly differentiation!

I hope there’s more spooky books in Mr. Horner’s foreseeable future.

Strength: Cute, simple and funny illustrations.
Weakness: Short and sweet. It could have been longer.
WTF Moment: A Dead Ghost. Too funny!

Review: 4/5