Sunday, July 30th, Rick and Morty Season 3 will air at 11:30 pm E.S.T.

“The latest day in the month” Justin Roiland says as he jokes with Dan Harmond about them finally delivering Season 3 of Rick and Morty to the eager fans. It looks like there will be at least 10 episodes.

I tuned into the live stream on for the Spontaneous Evening of Rick and Morty. I was hoping to see a new episode, like the one that infamously aired all evening on April Fool’s Day this year. Unfortunately, there was no new episode shown. However, a Season 3 trailer was finally shown at the beginning and end of the live stream.

“Welcome to our darkest season of our adventure ever,” Rick tells Morty.

Throughout the trailer we see many shots of Episode 1 that was shown on April Fools, including several of Seal Team Ricks. We see finished versions of when Rick turns himself into a pickle, the rough draft was shown at San Diego Comic Con 2016. We see shots of the Lost City of Atlantis. We see Rick and Jerry on a futuristic roller coaster. Swamp monsters chase Rick and Morty on an alien planet.

There also seems to be an episode that pays homage to Mad Max, as a group of post-apocalyptic cars pursue our heroes across a wasteland. It looks like Summer is along for that adventure, as there’s a scene where a wounded marauder craws toward her and pleads, “Please kill me.” She levels a shotgun at him. “OK, but not because you told me.”

The new season looks amazing and I can’t wait for the end of July.

The rest of the two-hour broadcast was fairly entertaining. Justin and Dan sat at a table with a small audience of fans. Brandon Johnson, who voices math teacher Mr. Goldenfold on the show, MC’d the event. They were joined at the table by storyboard artist Erica Hayes, who drew sketches on a tablet of adventures being discussed, that were projected on a screen behind them.

Justin and Dan ad-libbed various scenes that we might find in the current season, or future seasons, or that they were doing just for fun. Dan would quickly type a script, projected on smaller screens, with Justin doing the voices as he went. Toward the end, Dan gave Justin stage direction and they would both do the voices.

There was a long scene about Rick and Morty going to Seattle. Then they changed locations to New Orleans, because Justin’s Morty said, “and all that jazz” and Rick has a portal gun that can take them anywhere. Another scene took place in the ocean, as they head to Atlantis and talk with one of the underwater residents before getting to the city. Another took place in world that looked like Tron… but definitely not the copyrighted one that Disney could sue them for.

It was fun watching the guys joke around and ad-lib various scenes and cold opens. It sounds like they’ve got plenty of material for another… or dare I say… nine more seasons.