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We, at Zombies In My Blog, are big video game fans. And it should be noted, we’re also pretty big Zombie fans, as well. So, it’s a natural to be doubly excited to be attending ScoreCon 3 this weekend in Nashville, TN. Naturally, the focus of the convention is video games, which is great. But it’s even sweeter to be able to interview the main voice actors of the smash-hit, Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead.

None other than Dave Fennoy (Lee Everett) and Gavin Hammon (Kenny) will be in attendance. We’re sure they’ll have some behind-the-scenes secrets to share about working on the groundbreaking point-and-click adventure game that has received more than 80 Game of the Year Awards and counting.

Composer Austin Wintory will discuss molding music for feature films as well as video games, including his work on the fastest-selling Playstation title, Journey. His Journey score broke into the top Billboard charts and was even nominated for a Grammy! This was the first time a video game score had ever been nominated for a Grammy!

Erik Huey is another featured guest speaker at ScoreCon 3. He will discuss his role as Senior Vice President for Government Affairs at the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

And final guest speaker, Bradley Metrock, the President of Score Holdings LLC, is an accomplished author (Video Games and the Family), oversees The Score retail store and host of ScoreCon 3! Without his efforts, there would be no video game convention. Be on the lookout for him, he’ll no doubt be busy working throughout the weekend. But if possible, please thank him for taking the time to create a great video game convention atmosphere for Middle Tennessee!

There will be plenty of video game tournaments taking place at ScoreCon 3, including the Halo 4 and Super Smash Bros. Melee 2013 Tennessee State Championships! I can’t wait to see the smackdown begin! There will be many more video game competitions taking place, including the 2013 Video Game Olympics (prizes will be awarded to winners), a League of Legends tournament, a StarCraft 2 tournament and an overnight PC LAN event.

DJ G6 will also be in attendace, acting as both the convention host and as a Guest DJ. We’re hoping he has some 8-bit music stashed away to make us fondly remember the games of yore.

Speaking of retro gaming, there will be plenty of older games to play! Here’s to hoping to find a long-lost treasure: Atari 2600’s ET (we’re only half joking!).

Also in attendance will be two broadcasters from TwitchTV. They’ll be working throughout the weekend to live-stream ScoreCon 3 and to host a panel discussing live-streaming technology and how you can get into this industry.

Be on the lookout for the guys from The Show, which will be acting as the official podcast of ScoreCon 3. They’ll most likely get some great interviews with ScoreCon’s featured guests and give their video game worldview, as well. They’re pretty good friends with guys of The PDA Show, who might make a special appearance!

It’s gonna be a busy, busy weekend and we can’t wait to get our video game on at ScoreCon 3!!!

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