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ScoreCon 3 is the video game convention taking place on April 27th and 28th in Nashville, TN which is the brainchild of Bradley Metrock, President of Score Holdings LLC. He gives us a preview of ScoreCon 3, which is just days away, and takes a trip down video game memory lane.

What kind of company is Score Holdings?
– “It’s a video game retail and entertainment startup based in Franklin. The Score, our retail store in Cool Springs, is a part of it; Roasted Games, our just-launched arm that produces video game merchandise based on parody content is another part of it; my personal speaking engagements, books (including Video Games and the Family, released last year and available on Amazon), etc. is another part of it.”

As President, what is your role there?
– “To make sure the various pieces of the company are put in the best possible position to grow, flourish and be profitable.”

How would you describe The Score? Is it similar to GameStop plus the parties?
– “GameStop + The Arena (multiplayer tournament coliseum) + Retro games dating back to Atari would be more accurate, with a lot more personal touch to the store layout. We wanted to create the perfect gamer’s store.”

How was ScoreCon created?
– “ScoreCon came about from The Score’s own involvement in other conventions around the nation. We saw the best and worst in terms of operations, marketing, finance, etc. from these conventions and thought, ‘Why not do this ourselves?’ We also identified a real shortage in terms of video game business/industry types of discussions at some of these fan conventions, an area we focus on with ScoreCon.”

Could you tell me a little about last year’s ScoreCon?
– “Last year’s ScoreCon was at Rocketown, a well-known facility in downtown Nashville. It went very well. We had between 200 and 300 people and the vibe was great. We expect a larger turnout for ScoreCon 3 and we certainly have ramped up the programming in every regard.”

What was your first gaming experience?
– “My first gaming experience was with my dad’s Atari 2600. I remember playing games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, E.T. (LOL), Circus Atari (where you had the paddle joysticks), Activision games like River Raid and Megalomania and Jungle Hunt. Arcades were part of my early introduction to gaming as well.”

What is your favorite video game?
– “My favorite video game of all time? That’s a tough one, obviously. I think my answer might be the game that opened my eyes to what video games could do, the stories they could tell, and the feelings they could evoke: Final Fantasy II for Super Nintendo. That game blew my mind and I’ve never been right since.”

What is your favorite console and why?
– “Another tough one. I’d have to say the Super Nintendo, again. So many classic gaming experiences that were formative for me, from Final Fantasy II and III, to Super Mario World, to Zelda, to Actraiser, to the lesser-known Metal Marines (one of my faves of all-time), and many many more. Many of the system’s gaming experiences hold up well today.”

What can we expect with ScoreCon this year?
– “An immense amount of fun, relevant, enjoyable video-game oriented programming, put on by a staff that cares about games and enjoys talking games.”

Is anything newly added from last year?
– “A vastly-improved lineup of guests, the introduction of the Video Game Olympics, the introduction of the ScoreCon 3 Skills Competition (a math/computer science quiz with prizes), the introduction of the overnight PC LAN event, and much more. We’ve really upped everything for ScoreCon 3. It’s a can’t-miss event.”

What kind of prizes will be awarded?
– “We’ll have actual trophies, medals for the Video Game Olympics winners, plus Score giftcards and cash prizes based on the different events.”

What kind of attendance do you expect?
– “We expect between 300 and 500 attendees.”

As a fan of retro gaming, will there be any games for the older fans?
– “Plenty! Earthbound and Starfox Super Weekend, two of the rarest SNES carts out there, will be available for play on a special Super Nintendo kiosk near the main stage; a Super Mario Bros 3 Speedrun Challenge will take place Saturday; various other retro games will be available or integrated into the Video Game Olympics.”

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