Shrek the Halls in My Zombies Blog

You might have noticed we really enjoy animated movies and their trend-ification of TV holiday specials.

Here, at Zombies In My Blog, we wouldn’t be who we are without a bit of a geeky side. As such, we’re wrapping up our animated holiday specials with Shrek the Halls. While the fairy-tale feature films have gotten a little watered down with each sequel, this Christmas special holds a warm place in our hearts.

Even as a family man, Shrek’s back to his ogre ways. Donkey’s back to being annoying. And until he accidentally promises Fiona a Christmas surprise, Shrek had absolutely no intentions of acknowleging Christmas, whatsoever. Running around like crazy, following the instructions of the borrowed book, Christmas for Village Idiots, a disaster occurs and Shrek must apologize for fighting with his friends. And everyone enjoys the evening happily ever after!

Overall, this was a decent animated Christmas special. I really enjoyed the accompanying music, which was featured during a rare moment without dialogue. And Gingy’s Night Before Christmas horror story was an instant classic. I’d like to hear more of his story. Maybe a spin0off holiday sequel is cooking for Gingy.

Strength: A holiday special that’s constantly moving, never dragging.
Weakness: None of the characters get too many lines of dialogue.
WTF Moment: Finger up his nose, Ogre Claus flys up chimneys.

Notable Quotes:
– “I have to make a Christmas.”
– “‘Christmas ain’t Christmas until somebody cries,’ usually that someone’s me.”
– “Ogres don’t celebrate anything.”

Review: 3/5