Get ready for another thrill ride. Lori’s concern for others — and depicting a map properly — has left her car upended. Frank’s concern for others — and the safety of Herschel’s Farm — has led to his group in a shootout with The Others (Friends of Dave and Tony).

The pulsing club-like beat, as if Lori’s heart, while an contortionist-like zombie squeezed itself into her crashed car was definitely a bonus addition of Bear McCreary. I’ve really taken a notice to his music the past two episodes and I gotta say… I’m a fan.

While it wasn’t pitch black when she wrecked her car, either Lori is slow as a sloth to break out of her car, or the continuity-checking staff member overlooked the timeframe. Regardless, both groups are in trouble.

This was a missed opportunity, Mr. Glen Mazzara. Bringing in Garmin as a premium sponsor (and screen-used product placement) would have been ideal. But perhaps, in this universe, a hands-free GPS device does not exist.
As expected, The Others made an appearance. With no clear-cut villian in the show (other than Merle), having a defined “Bad Guy” is a welcome addition at the O.K. Corral, er, I mean “The Bar.”

Glenn took a bullet for the team. Once Shane starts lying, he just can’t stop. A neglected character is in a coma. And one of The Others loses a leg (and perhaps switches sides?).

All of that, and Lori’s still playing both sides against each other. She truly is evil.

Episode Strength: A lil bit of Zed action. And a nice close-up at the car wreck.
Episode Weakness: Back onto the Baby Daddy Drama bandwagon. Wake me when it’s over.
WTF Moment: Outpatient surgery during the Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t include painkillers… or scalpels. Just pure strength.

Noteworthy Quotes:
– “Rick wants you to TRY for the car.”
– “Must’ve hit Glenn. He’s behind the dumpster.”
– “That hatchet still in the car?”
– “Ain’t you a peach?”
– “We never had the talk. Don’t look at me, that’s your Father’s job.”
– “I told Rick.”
– “Who the hell is that? It’s Randall.”

Review: 3/5