It’s safe to say that we’re BIG fans of Chris Carter, the ever-paranoid Creator, Writer, Director, Showrunner of The X-Files and Millennium (and to lesser extents, The Lone Gunmen and Harsh Realm). While the former series was incredibly successful, created stars out of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and promoted government mistrust and conspiracy theories for nine seasons, it was the latter cult favorite which sparked our imaginations even more through the interactions of (and visualizations) from profiler, Lance Henriksen, who can look into the mind of evil.

So it’s great news that Chris Carter has resurfaced from anonymity. The October 14th Hollywood Reporter states Carter is returning to TV with Unique, his first post-X-Files project. It’s described as “a female-lead mystery police thriller,” which he will write and executive produce the project. He is currently shopping the project to the networks.

Ed Note: We suspect this won’t be your typical police procedural, similar in style to the CSI and Law and Order franchises. We figure there will be some intrigue, such as incorporating his serial-killer-of-the-week format from Season 1 of Millennium with the paranormal of The X-Files, starring a younger-version of Sarah Michelle Gellar and most likely appearing on FOX. Mark our words. The Truth Is Out There.