OK, we all have something we’d like to see in tonight’s finale of Game of Thrones Season 6. I don’t have one thing I’d like more than another, but rather a list of things that would be fodder for giddy schoolgirl fan giggles from the couch on this last summer evening in Westeros for 2016… (Spoilers ahead, for the butthurt-prone…)

Lady Effin’ Stoneheart

If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen tonight. It has to, right? The players are all in place. The Hound, The Brothers Without Banners, a surge in protagonists gaining steam… the stage seems set. This one would bring down the house in a final scene with a prompt cut to credits.

Cersei Blows Shit Up

Wouldn’t it be rad for Cersei to reach her boiling point with some religion nut-bags and light up King’s Landing with Wildfire? Perhaps that’s why we saw it in Bran’s vision.

Or Maybe She Dies

Perhaps, instead, we’re at the end of the Queen of Mean’s run and someone will put her out of the mortal coil? That would certainly set a nice stage for a Jamie-led incursion with some now-not-so-busy Army units post-Blackfish.

That Flashback Tho

We’d love to get some concrete payoff on the lineage of Jon Snow, by way of Bran’s visions, yes? A nice confirmation of the theory that he’s half Targaryen would be money.

Walkers Through The Wall

Tonight would be a nice, tense time for the White Walkers to break through the wall and begin to head South with ill intent.

Bran Home

Perhaps tonight is the night for Bran to join the all-new Stark reunion show at Winterfell? Bringing his newly reacquired uncle with him would be a nice touch, too.

Speaking Of Uncles

We really are short one totally dastardly son-of-a-bitch, now that Ramsay is gone. Perhaps Uncle Salt Throne himself, Euron Greyjoy, will do some nasty shit that solidifies him as Season 7’s upcoming primary love-to-hate baddie.

These are just a few ideas, desires and wish list items for tonight’s potential hum-dinger. There are a wealth of other avenues that might be taken, and the most exciting notion is that no matter what happens, this season has really not dug into the territory of George R.R. Martin’s forthcoming volume, The Winds of Winter (tantalizingly tonight’s episode title). This means there is plenty more left to explore in the book, which would be an ideal release this holiday season, George. Hint, hint.

Anyhow, strap in, folks. Tonight’s just-over-an-hour should be one hell of a ride.