What’s the deal with Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch? And is its concept actually based on something factual, or is it simply a whole lotta hype about nothing?

Season 2 of the reality show featured promises of buried treasure, but the only thing that was truly found was a dry entrance to an underground cavern. Now, discovering the location of where to drill an 80-foot hole was a process that was not quick, but like any good reality show, its conclusion offered the potential of something substantial to lure you back to watch even more episodes, without truly unearthing anything.

And evidence is what I need to see, in order for me to believe that any of this is real.

“Darkness, Danger and Death” revealed lotsa yelling and a whole lot of censored cursing as actual threats of hydrogen sulfide radiation were detected in the season finale. There was so much buildup to finding this cave, who knows if its location was previously known.

With the initial hype of Aztec gold to be found on the property (but no real proof it’s actually there, or ever was), I don’t know how much more I can take — and that’s saying something, coming from a fan of select reality programs.

Whatever happened to the supposed on-site suicide? That was definitely hyped up with no conclusion, never to be referenced again. And the threats of ill-intentioned people not wanting the property owners to find whatever’s underground? That feels like the biggest fabricated trope so far, but I’m sure it it’s not the only one.

“With the risks we’re taking… it’s worth it.”

Constant references to Skinwalker Ranch felt very strange, as if basing the paranormal events that have occurred on that property (which is reportedly only 25 miles away) is enough evidence to prove similar strange things are happening here. Instead, Blind Frog feels like a copycat show that airs on a rival channel, trying to chase after viewers.

Gallium was excavated — which was different — but even that felt forced. And the man-made check marks that were found didn’t look very old, at all. What if the cave system extends for miles? That doesn’t mean anything noteworthy will be found there. Everything that has been broadcast seems to be a near disaster on the show.

“I’ve got a feeling that the treasures in those caves won’t come up without a fight…”

With so much speculation swirling around, there doesn’t seem to be any actual basis that buried treasure was ever there. I want at least one historian to appear on the show (using their actual name) to offer proof to the contrary. Give the viewers a real history lesson, that’s what I desire.

Instead, an archeologist stating a wooden box bound in rope managed to stay intact for more than 500 years underwater. That doesn’t really prove anything, or sound very logical. What am I missing here?

This show’s a curiosity, but so far it hasn’t truly depicted something paranormal, let alone reveal any treasure.

It’s unclear if Blind Frog will actually return for a third season or if that’s a wrap for this show. For now, it seems the “mystery” shall remain unsolved… that is, if there really was one in the first place.