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In a homogenized future where individual expression is illegal and making music is a thing of the past, it’s hard to determine if we’re seeing the future (or the present) state of the music industry. We Will Rock You is a satirical musical produced by the rock band Queen and Ben Elton.

It has been predicted a Dreamer will save the citizens of iPlanet. Should he discover the last remaining musical instrument, hidden somewhere on the planet, he would lead the rebellious Bohemians, toppling the Big Brother government of Globalsoft and then music would finally be introduced into their lives.

Who is this Dreamer? How will he overcome the long odds to succeed? And why does everyone of the future mispronounce so many names and items of the past?

Entering its 11th year, We Will Rock You is unlike any musical you’ve ever experienced. In fact, the preferred term for this production is a “rock theatrical.” This rock theatrical will be performing in Nashville at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center from November 12 – 17.

Even though this production has been around a while, the script feels fresh, since it has been constantly updated with many timely pop-culture jokes.

We Will Rock You

On display are smoke machines, strobing lights, sexual innuendo and singers and dancers who are backed by a nine-piece performing rock band, We Will Rock You is part rock ‘n roll concert, part musical and all pop-culture spectacle.

Starring Brian Justin Crum and Ruby Lewis, the true headliners of the play is the band, Queen. In this futuristic storyline, the main characters borrow their names from various songs and the entire production is based around 24 hit songs of the band, all of which are performed and have stood the test of time very well. Each song sounds as good as the original performance. The only thing missing is lead singer Freddie Mercury, himself. Rest in peace, Freddie.

All of the performers in the national tour are great singers, but the best of the bunch is Ruby Lewis (her character is Scaramouche). Her huge voice projects better than anyone else and she shines for every second she’s on the stage. My favorite characters of the show were the grungy Bohemians Erica Peck (Oz) and Jared Zirilli (Britney Spears), whose lack of historical knowledge and outrageous behavior truly made this dystopian future a tolerable place.

This was the second performance of We Will Rock You that I have enjoyed. Full Disclaimer: I’m a fan of Queen. As a Child of the ’80s, I enjoyed listening to the band’s music on the radio all the time. But it wasn’t until 2004 when I truly realized how much I loved the music, when I saw the rock theatrical in Las Vegas, performed by the surviving members of the band. That was when I realized how much the music industry truly missed Freddie Mercury. There will never be another like him, but the music of Queen will live on, through performances of We Will Rock You.

Now the rest of the United States will get the opportunity to enjoy Queen’s rocking music, one more time. Make sure you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime musical production.

The cast of the national tour of We Will Rock You. © Paul Kolnik

The cast of the national tour of We Will Rock You. © Paul Kolnik

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