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You may recognize him as the voice of many different animated characters, from Master Shake of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, to Granny of Squidbillies, to Gazpacho of Chowder and multiple characters of Bob’s Burgers, as well. Dana Snyder makes quite an impression, both on and off the TV screen.

At the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention, we spoke with Mr. Snyder to discuss working for Adult Swim and Cartoon Network, preview his upcoming projects and look ahead to his upcoming event appearances.

Throughout the entire weekend, Dana Snyder kept everyone in good spirits, continuously cracking jokes and creating a fun atmosphere for everyone involved. And then the Aqua Teen Hunger Force cosplayer group arrived and stole the show!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to some of your biggest fans. We look forward to visiting with Mr. Snyder once more, at the next event!

Photo courtesy of Doug Stidham Photography

Photo courtesy of Doug Stidham Photography

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