Cosplay Deviants Hex Hypoxia

Per Matt
Hex Hypoxia is a little fiendish.

The Cosplay Deviants model gives true meaning to her name. She really is a Cosplay Deviant. Hex Hypoxia discusses her Dragon Con experience, modeling career and preferring blood and gore.

Tell me a little about your name.
– “Hex actually means an evil-charmer curse and hypoxia is a lack of oxygen to the brain.”

How did you become a Cosplay Deviant?
– “I’ve always been into cosplay and I’ve modeled full-time for a while. And then the lovely Lady Bear kind of told me, ‘I want you to get naked with me and do cosplay stuff.’ So, I joined.”

How long ago was that?
– “It was probably around five or six months ago.”

Where are you based?
– “I’m in Austin, TX with Lady Bear.”

What characters are you cosplaying this weekend?
– “I’ve been doing a lot of comic-book cosplay, so I just did Death from the Sandman series and I did a Morrigan and Lilith with Lady Bear. I’m also doing Lucy from Elfin Lied, if you can’t tell. (giggles) I also did a latex Harley Quinn. I also love doing X-23, but my claws are custom made and they’re actual weapons. So, I can’t do them here. I was really upset.”

What’s your favorite anime?
– “It really depends on my mood. Right now, I kind of just followed the crowd, because I was like, ‘I don’t want to watch Soul Eater. I’m not into that. That looks too cutesy. I like blood and gore,’ and now I’m totally doing a Soul Eater cosplay.”

What are you currently geeking out to?
– “Everything and anything. I am a total bookworm and the fact that there’s a Laurell K. Hamilton booth right there, is driving me insane.”

Is this your first Dragon Con?
– “Yes.”

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What are your thoughts about the convention?
– “I think it’s absolutely awesome. I love it and I don’t want it to ever end.”

What have you gotten to do and see at Dragon Con?
– “Honestly, I’ve been working the booth most the time. I took a quick walk around and got to see different booths, but other than that, I’ve been working or running around, causing shenanigans at night.”

Will you be attending any conventions after Dragon Con?
– “I actually model full time. So, as soon as I get back, Bear goes to work in a haunted house and I go to work in a tour in LA.”

So, no more conventions for you?
– “They will let me know and then I will scurry my little butt off there.”

Cosplay Deviants Hex Hypoxia

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