I know we have been here before. I know I have said the same thing over and over. I know that you all are familiar with my feelings toward Nicolas Cage. Trust me… I know. But is that fact going to stop me from talking about his latest film, Pig? Absolutely not.

Based on the most recent films of my main man, including Willy’s Wonderland, Parents and Mandy, you would think that Pig would be yet another “Rage Cage” movie. When I saw the cover art, I thought, “What crazy fights or weird horror is he getting into with this film?” But Pig is anything but rage-filled.

It’s a fairly artistic drama piece. It’s not a horror or action film. It’s more of a drama. And dramas normally get low ratings from me. Even with Nic guiding the ship, I felt like Pig was destined for the proverbial iceberg that will end up sinking it.

Cage portrays Rob Feld, a man living in the Oregon forests. As a recluse, Rob just makes his way through life with his prized foraging pig. Rob makes money off selling truffles to restaurants through his acquaintance, Amir (Alex Wolff). One night; however, Rob is attacked by some men who end up taking his pig. Distraught beyond belief, Rob turns to Amir to help him find the men responsible.

Following the clues, they find out that Amir’s father, Darius (Adam Arkin), a wealthy restauranteur, is ultimately responsible for the theft. Rob must find a way to get his prized pig back from Darius, but at what cost?

Pig is one of those films that appears to be lame and stupid on the surface. Based on that simple summary, one would probably skip this film for something with more substance. But you would be horribly missing out on a well-crafted story.

Pig is more than just a story of a man on a mission. Pig is the story of a man who fell from grace. A man who just wanted to get lost and never be found. A man who was suddenly thrust into the world again to find the only thing that matters to him anymore in life. Rob went from the penthouse to the outhouse.

This story is more redemption than retribution. I never thought I would be saying this, but Nic Cage made me care about a pig and the man in love with that swine.

So, how would I rate Pig? I have to give Pig five out of five stars. It got me in the feelings. Nicolas Cage’s portrayal of Rob made me care about him. I hurt for the loss of his only real friend, and his desperation to reconnect with him.

As I learned more and more about the man, I understood why he left society and became a recluse. It made me actually think to myself, “Maybe I should get away from civilization for a while.” Breaking off from the world around us may be just what the doctor ordered.

Pig is one of those films that should completely suck based on its premise, but shines like a diamond when you actually give it a chance. Be sure to check out Pig as soon as possible.