As the Lagina Brothers dig into the complex, multilayered 200-year-old mystery that lies below Oak Island, numerous clues, theories and circumstantial evidence have all been presented (many of which have been disproved), along with a decent amount of documentation that has backed up quite a few of the claims. Even if nothing is ever conclusively discovered or proven at the location in Nova Scotia, Canada, The Curse of Oak Island has been an enjoyable TV series for treasure hunters and reality TV fans alike.

Going for Broke is the season premiere for Season 4 that begins with Marty and Rick Lagina (along with their investors) vowing to spend more than $2 million this year in hopes of finding a centuries-old answer to what lies below the surface of Oak Island. While very few actual treasures have been found, more questions than answers have arisen. The Laginas have become treasure hunters and puzzle solvers for 10 years on the mysterious island, but Mother Nature and a variety of setbacks, along with a short timeframe of good weather have all stood in their way of progress. They just need a little luck on their side. Have they finally found some?

Coded messages have been unearthed which may be linked to the transportation of the Ark of the Covenant away from Europe by the Knights Templar, as well as a buried treasure, that all may be found on Oak Island. In addition to the already-established mythology from years past, New York-based historic researcher and author Zena Halpern believes she has hard proof of Knights Templar activity happening in North America. She has provided copies of three previously hidden maps and a cipher that match mysterious symbols previously found on the island. Each of these only add to the mystique of it all. In fact, the cipher and maps are all seemingly connected to gold and Africa, which further expands the story.

The amount of research done and connections made in order to uncover the hidden history is enormous on this TV show and various professionals are brought in each episode in order to give advice before any action is done. There’s a difference between belief and proof, and it really seems all parties involved want to uncover the truth.

Always Forward, the season’s second episode, showcases a previously unknown hatch that was listed on one of the new maps, which the crew hopes may be a backdoor to an underground tunnel. Also, a mysterious well located near a stone marker engraved with a Templar Knight flag are explored on a nearby property that was purportedly a Knights Templar castle hundreds of years ago.

So far, six men have died seeking the answers of Oak Island, and according to legend, one more must die before they are ultimately revealed. What actually lies at the bottom of the mysterious 21-foot-deep Money Pit? Will anything of actual substance be found? Or is it all a tall tale?

Deciphering symbols, reading between the lines and making random connections is a big part of the show, one which never fails to hold our interest. While the crew’s side missions can distract from their main goal, oftentimes, they are more interesting. Ultimately, we hope something of importance is found on Oak Island, but so far, the journey has been the fun (and sometimes frustrating) part of the process that’s unequaled on any other program on television.