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Marathon Music Works will definitely be getting funky as it hosts Paranormal Rocktivity, featuring Here Come the Mummies and DJ Johny Jackson’s Ghoul Satisfaction for a Halloween-themed event this weekend.

Sponsored by Lightning 100, the concert will take place on Saturday, October 28 and will highlight “Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave.” But before the main event, there will be even more festivities taking place at Marathon Village. The rejuvenated Nashville Zombie Walk will wind up at the area in Marathon Village and there will be Zombie Walk After Party festivities taking place that lead up to the concert, which will host a costume contest for its attendees.

Preparing for the big event, Midnight Mummy and Mummy Cass discussed the upcoming concert.

Photo Courtesy: Here Come the Mummies

First of all, please give the background from your names, Midnight and Cass.

  • Mummy Cass: Mine is obvious. If it isn’t, ask your mama and your papa.
  • Midnight: I showed up for a gig at noon, and the other guys nicknamed me ironically. It stuck. But it is still a cool-ass name. Better than “The Flu.”

– Your band is well known for making grand entrances onto the stage. Did either of you perform in marching band in another life?

  • Mummy Cass: Nope, but how else are we supposed to get up there? Just ascend? No way!

– HCTM seems to be synonymous with Halloween concerts. What does it mean for the band to perform in front of a hometown crowd a few days before the holiday? 

  • Mummy Cass: It may seem that way, but we play all over, all year long. We ain’t just for breakfast anymore, either.
  • Midnight: It’s just another day for us, but Nashville is gonna get it, baby! And if you don’t know what I mean by “it,” ask your mamas and papas.

– What does Paranormal Rocktivity mean to you?

  • Mummy Cass: It means that you better be there, cause we’re gonna unleash some undead, white-hot funk on your ass.
  • Midnight: That’s hot.

– This year, the Nashville Zombie Walk leads up to your concert. What kind of past encounters, good or bad, have you had with Zombies?

  • Mummy Cass: We can outrun those geezers.
  • Midnight: We may be scarred, but we ain’t scared (we’re certainly not sacred, either).

– What kind of surprises can you hint at for this year’s show? Will you debut any new instruments or songs?

  • Mummy Cass: We’re gonna do a handful of songs off of our latest two albums, Underground and A Blessing and a Curse, along with proven crowd-pleasers we can’t not play.
  • Midnight: We have a couple of sparkly tricks up our sleeves, too.

– Fans have been known to wear elaborate costumes at your concerts. Have you ever gotten any costume tips from them throughout the years?

  • Mummy Cass: People give us lots of tips, but of course our rags are stuck on for real, due to the endless procession of centuries. So, there’s that.
  • Midnight: We don’t have the heart to tell them what they can do with their Febreze™.

– What is “Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave?” Will it reveal itself at the concert?

  • Mummy Cass: “Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave” is the title of our first studio recording. If there is a more apt phrase to describe our sound, we have yet to hear it.
  • Midnight: Words to your mama.

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