Attention Breathers!  If you missed the Marietta Zombie Walk last year.. you really don’t want to miss it this year.  Carnival of Doom founded this charity event to help the local area hungry (it’s not like zombies need canned goods!).

Last year’s event had a great turnout and resulted in over $4000 in food and money for the food pantry at MUST Ministries.

Please pre-register and pre-order your t-shirt! Special deals will be available.

Zombie Preschooler

I attended the 1st Marietta Zombie Walk last year– and creativity abounded.  Family friendly, even the little guys got into the act. My little boy was spitting and clawing at the living.. how adorable! The event turned out much larger than anticipated (at least partially due to the circulating rumors that The Walking Dead would be filming and would perhaps use clips on a Season 3 episode). CNN was present as well as the press from a number of local and regional outlets. It is expected to grow this year.

Even if you aren’t local or can’t make it this year– consider donating to the cause. Also check out their website for zombie makeup tips and more.

Join the horde and register to be a zombie, a zombie hunter or as an advocate for the Zombie Rights Campaign (ZRC). “The undead helping the living“.. what could be better?