PWA Show in My Zombies BlogThe PWA Show is a podcast hosted by Dave Brewington and Korey Hodges, which covers politics, sports and pop culture. Dave took a few minutes for a quick interview before the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention began in Nashville, Tennessee. He discusses the origins of the PWA Show, discovering behind-the-scenes information on the Birdemic films and experiencing an anime convention from an outsider’s perspective.

First of all, could I get your background?
– “Both of us have zero experience in radio, but spent years in bands in the Nashville area. Both of us work regular day jobs and do the podcasting thing in our free time — which is limited, since we both have children.”

How did you guys meet each other?
– “We are actually related by marriage. I’m actually married to Korey’s sister. So, we met at family events and became friends from there.”

How did you both get your start doing a podcast?
– “I’ve always been a bit of a nerd/geek myself and got into podcasting around the time I got an iPod. I found the iTunes Podcasting directory and thought, ‘Why not try this myself?’ That was around 2006. It was definitely a learning experience and took me a while to get the swing of things. I was doing a music podcast at the time and Korey started listening after a while. Around 2009, we decided that we liked to talk so much, why not record a show together?”

What does “PWA” stand for?
– “Podcasters with Attitude, which is a play on N.W.A. the rap group.”

What, in a nutshell, is the PWA Show?
– “The PWA Show is basically a discussion between two guys that have opinions on EVERYTHING. We love pop culture, movies, sports, politics and controversy in general. So, it’s really our take on life, itself, with humor and attitude thrown in.”

What are some of the previous conventions the podcast has covered in the past?
– “We are somewhat new to the Convention Game. At this point, we’ve covered The Nashville Comic and Horror Festival, Murfreesboro Anime and Comic Con and GMX. We are really looking to branch out and hit more cons in the next year.”

Is this this the first MTAC the podcast has covered?
– “This was our first year at MTAC.”

How did the PWA show get involved with MTAC?
– “We heard about it through our friends at The Show podcast (which is now called The Adam and J.P. Show). They continued to talk about it and we figured, ‘Why not?'”

Are either of you big anime fans?
– “We know nothing about anime, but we are always up for an adventure. I know Akira, Vampire Hunter D and I’ve seen pictures of Pokemon.”

Will you be attending the Nashville Zombie Walk or GMX later this year?
– “Hadn’t thought of the Zombie Walk, but that is a good idea. GMX? Good question. We’ve seemed to hit some kind of turbulence with GMX. It’s a long story, but we were supposed to cover it in 2011. Well, as fate would have it, my brother’s bachelor party was that same weekend. We booked a hotel at the EXACT same place where GMX was being held. So, we didn’t cover it ‘well’ enough for GMX, and they denied us press privileges for 2012. We will find out what 2013 holds for us. We loved experiencing GMX in 2011 and hopefully we can be part of the fun in 2013.”

What are some of relatively nearby conventions we might not know about, but should not miss?
– “I know ScoreCon is coming up and that should be a fun one. It’s a video game-based convention in Franklin at the end of April (April 27th – 28th). Other than that, I know there are a lot of fun ones in Kentucky, which isn’t too far away. And of course, the Wizard Convention in October is going to be EPIC at the new Convention Center in October.”

What are y’all looking forward to most at MTAC this year?
– “We love meeting new people, making new friends and experiencing new things in general.”

As a first-time participant of MTAC, what words of advice could you give us?
– “Prepare to be tired at the end of the day. Bring some water/food and rest throughout the day.”

The PWA Show also covers wrestling. I’m guessing both of you are big wrestling fans?
– “I’m a HUGE wrestling fan. My current favorite wrestlers are C.M. Punk, Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow (all heels, of course). We both love local guys: Shane Williams and Hammerjack as well.”

What’s your favorite behind-the-scenes wrestling story you covered or witnessed?
– “We loved being there when ‘King’ Shane Williams won the Crossfire Heavyweight belt. We interviewed him about two weeks before it happened and felt we were part of the magic. Being there, that night, when he won, made me feel like a kid again.”

What’s one of the best behind-the-scenes stories you’ve discovered while doing the PWA show?
– “We’ve been involved with the Birdemic films lately and it’s a blast talking to all of the actors and actresses involved in that Epic B-Film. If you haven’t seen it, you need to stop reading this and go watch it. Especially talking to director James Nguyen, who is a character, all to himself. Hearing stories from the actors who were involved in the film is always entertaining. It’s also great when you gain the trust of a person you are interviewing and they see you as a friend.”

After MTAC, where will the PWA show be going next?
– “World Domination? Ha. We will continue to record our show and try to interview interesting people and spread our brand of entertainment all over the Internet. We just want to remind people that we put out two shows a week, religiously: One on Monday and one on Thursday. So, go to and become a fan today!”

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