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Terry O’Quinn is an authority on arresting television, as the veteran actor has made a career appearing in intense programs, including the new EPIX series, Perpetual Grace, LTD.

The veteran actor has made his mark working as an authority figure in various genre programs, including dramas, science fiction and thrillers. Throughout the ’80s, O’Quinn appeared in a variety of projects, from ABC Afterschool Specials to Miami Vice, The Twilight Zone and Remington Steele, but he really gained notoriety as The Stepfather.

From there, he continued working as a character actor in television and movies, but his appearances in genre programming brought him recognition in The Rocketeer, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Amityville: A New Generation, Tombstone, Tales From the Crypt, Earth 2 and Shadow Warriors. This is what led to a minor role in The X-Files and later, as Lance Henriksen’s foil and sometime friend, Peter Watts, in Chris Carter’s Millennium, as a recurring character.

Lance Henriksen teamed up with Terry O’Quinn to investigate unsolved cases. Other times, the two characters were at odds with each other on Chris Carter’s Millennium.

Peter Watts seemed to fit the actor well, as the character could be equally helpful and shady throughout the series’ three seasons. I was sad to see the show cancelled, but just as upset not seeing O’Quinn in that role anymore. O’Quinn has always seemingly stayed busy, appearing in Harsh Realm, Roswell, Alias, Old School, JAG and The West Wing, before his next iconic role appeared: As John Locke on Lost.

O’Quinn’s character also played the pseudo good/bad guy throughout the years on Lost. Initially on a mission for an Australian walkabout, his plans were rerouted when he was drawn to the mysterious island, eventually learning deep dark secrets about himself and others.

Portraying Locke, he finally gained an audience, winning multiple acting awards, including an OFTA Television Award, a Gold Derby TV Award, a Saturn Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and the Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. After years of hard work, appearing in minor roles and rarely seen projects, the actor finally got his due, and I was thankful for the recognition he gained from his peers. I felt like I’d seen his talents grow throughout the years and I was incredibly happy for him to win the Emmy.

John Locke (Terry O’Quinn) takes a walkabout and winds up unraveling a mystery in LOST.

Even though he continued to work, appearing in Falling Skies, The Blacklist, Castle Rock and Hawaii Five-O, it was his latest role that interested me the most. O’Quinn falls face first into a murder mystery while seeking the truth in the EPIX series, Perpetual Grace, LTD. As Wes Walker, O’Quinn’s Texas Ranger has reopened a cold case, hot on the trail of a suspected killer. Dealing with plenty of double crosses and dead ends, this isn’t O’Quinn’s first rodeo as an authority figure, but it feels great to see him as a modern-day cowboy (despite the Walker, Texas Ranger jokes).

The caliber of actors on Perpetual Grace, LTD is insane. The Emmy-winning O’Quinn joins Oscar-winning Sir Ben Kingsley, Oscar-nominee Jacki Weaver and Emmy-nominee Jimmi Simpson on a complex journey that depicts good and bad from a variety of angles. Shades of darkness surround each of the main characters except O’Quinn’s Walker, which makes it easy to root for his character. Perpetual Grace has been a roller coaster of a ride through Season 1, much like O’Quinn’s career.

There’s black and white. Good vs. evil. And with some luck, this Texas Ranger will lock up all of the villains and walk away into the sunset (much like the incredible picture below), but Perpetual tells a complicated story, so it’s just as possible that the only true “good guy” on the show won’t be so successful. I’ll be cheering on O’Quinn, regardless. His personality has been reflected in the variety of roles he has chosen throughout the years. Hopefully, he will get plenty of time to shine on Perpetual Grace, LTD.

Terry O’Quinn’s Texas Ranger attempts to bring justice to an unruly New Mexico town in the EPIX series, Perpetual Grace, LTD. Photo Courtesy: EPIX.