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Dragon Con 2013 has arrived!

There’s a reason I get very excited for Dragon Con every year: It’s the largest multi-media popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music and film in the universe!

That pretty much sums up all my interests with a snappy (Dr. Who) bow tie.

For San Diego Comic-Con, I took almost a week dissecting all the panels/events/speakers and once I arrived at the con, I tossed those plans out the window. Once you arrive to a major event, your plans will immediately change. Seems like I’ll be doing the same for Dragon Con. The mobile-app schedule is a must, but downloading the pocket app takes up a whopping 8.25 MB, so proceed with caution! I guess when you’re trying to cram in five days of scheduling, your memory is the only thing that will suffer. I’m still not sure what I’ll be doing. I’ll do some schedule inspecting once I arrive. Speaking of which, since Wednesday is the unofficial start of Dragon Con, I’ve got to get on the road, already. I’m scheduled to take an impromptu behind-the-scenes press tour this evening, so I gotta go, already!

Preliminary plans include visits with:
– Josh Gates
– the Fraggles
– the Ghost Hunters crew
– concert performance by Blair Crimmins and the Hookers
– Zombieland movie screening at Fox Theatre w. costume contest & prizes awarded
– Mythbusters: Behind the Myth Tour at Fox Theatre, featuring the stars of the TV show!
– Dragon Con Zombie Walk and Zombie Prom
– Star Trek: The Next Generation panels with actors
– Futurama panels discussing the final season
– Anything to do with The Walking Dead (comics and AMC TV Show)!
– Telltale Games Walking Dead Voice-Actor Panels!
– The Dragon Con Parade (always a highlight)
– The King of the Hill Voice-Actor Panels
– Funimation Anime Sneak Peak and Prizes
– The Dragon Con Masquerade! Another fave!
– Mitch Pileggi’s panels that hopefully discuss The X-Files!
– Robot Battles!
– Puppet Slam!

And that’s just off the top of my head! There’s way too much to cram into almost a week-long celebration!

Dragon Con

The entire show features these tracks:
– Alternate History
– American Sci-Fi Media
– American Sci-Fi Classics
– Animation
– Anime/Manga
– Apocalypse Rising
– Art Show Programming
– Autograph Sessions
– BritTrack
– Comics and Pop Art
– Electronic Frontiers Forum
– Fantasy Literature
– Filking
– Film Festival and Film Track
– Gaming Programming
– Horror
– Kaleidoscope
– Live Performances
– Live Performances: Concourse
– Online Gaming
– Paranormal Track
– Podcasting
– Puppetry
– Reading Sessions
– Robotics and Maker Track
– Sci-Fi Literature
– Science
– Silk Road: Asian Cinema and Culture
– Skeptics
– Space
– Star Wars
– Stargate Multiverse
– Tolkien’s Middle Earth
– Trek Track
– Urban Fantasy
– Video Gaming Track
– Whedon Universe
– Workshops
– Writer’s Track
– X Track
– Young Adult Literature

Special Events:
– Armory Programming

That’s more than enough to keep me occupied for an entire week! I only wish it could last longer! Hopefully, I’ll return in one piece with great photos, interviews and articles to post on the Webpage! You can check our Twitter feed for live blogging!

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