Halloween is almost here and that means a Mummies homecoming concert must be near!

For the second year in a row, the Nashville-based band, Here Come the Mummies, comprised of eight 5,000-year-old musicians, will be performing a rock-funk concert at Marathon Music Works at the end of October, which will surely raise the dead! This year, the band will be performing terrifying funk from beyond the grave, including songs from their new CD, Underground, along with some of their classics on Saturday, October 29th.

Previewing their upcoming concert, which is sponsored by Lightning 100, Midnight Mummy and Mummy Cass(anova) answered a few questions about what fans can expect at the big show:

How did you get your start within the music industry?

  • Mummy Cass: We played weddings and parties all over ancient Egypt. Back when we were ordinary men. We called ourselves The Originals™.
  • Midnight: We were pretty good, too! But then we went and got ourselves cursed by the Pharaoh. Now we’re doomed to walk the Earth in search of the perfect riff, so our souls can finally rest.
  • Mummy Cass: But “perfect riff” is a little subjective. What’s it even mean? We could be wandering forever, man! I mean, at the moment, it’s OK, ’cause we’re kinda having a good time. The 21st century is a pretty cool place to be… what with technology and ladies hair-styling trends…
Photo Courtesy: Here Come The Mummies

Photo Courtesy: Here Come The Mummies

Since you’re 5,000 years old, how do you prepare for each performance? Do you stretch? 

  • Mummy Cass: Stretching is one of the main ways to snap off a dusty, decrepit limb, baby. Don’t stretch.
  • Midnight: Yeah. Never stretch, unless you are fully human. Then hydrate properly and stretch all the time.

When you’re in Nashville, what do you do during your down time?

  • Midnight: Well, we don’t have that much down time, but when we do get a little, we like to get a little, dig? 

How does performing at Marathon Music Works compare to performing at Dragon Con?

  • Mummy Cass: Well, it is a totally different feel, but at the end of the day, whenever you get to play to a room stuffed with sexy ladies, it feels awful good.

What kind of plans do you have in store for Halloween this year?

  • Mummy Cass: We’re playing a handful of songs from our latest record, Underground. Also, we talked Java into doing a couple old favorites with us. That’s gonna be fun. 

What is the backstory of your current tour? How is it a Love Fest?

  • Midnight: We chose that name ’cause it describes how we feel about our fans and how they make us feel, too. Both sides now, dig?
Photo Courtesy: Here Come The Mummies

Photo Courtesy: Here Come The Mummies

Last year’s concert was the first time HCTM performed at Marathon Music Works. What can fans expect at this year’s concert?

  • Mummy Cass: Another bad-ass collection of Original Undead Funk tunes to make your butt shake and your clothes fall off.

What was the general reaction from your recent concert film that was filmed in Nashville? 

  • Mummy Cass: People eat it up, baby. It is almost like being there. 
  • Midnight: Almost.

What is the worst funk you have encountered throughout your life?

  • Midnight: The worst funk is undoubtedly when we have a hot green room. We can’t really bathe, so, unless it is meat-locker cold, there gets to be an unholy stench, and fast.

What kind of advice would you give to aspiring musicians who’d like to become undead members of a band?

    • Mummy Cass: Watch out what you try and pull with the Pharaoh’s daughter. You may end up cursed for all time, like us poor bastards.
    • Midnight: Then again, it may be worth it.

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