Photo courtesy of Mafiaoza's Music City Brewer's Festival

Photo courtesy of Mafiaoza’s Music City Brewer’s Festival

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Attention Nashville craft-beer aficionados: One of the biggest beer festivals of the country will soon return to the Music City!

The 14th Annual Mafiaoza’s Music City Brewer’s Festival returns to Walk of Fame Park in downtown Nashville on July 25th, so there’s plenty of time to prepare. This outdoor festival is so big, it’s divided into two different times: Session A lasts from 12 noon – 4 PM and Session B takes place from 6 – 10 PM. There will be live music, food available for purchase from area restaurants and caterers and craft beer featured from many local, regional, national and international breweries creating a fun and lively party atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Looking ahead, Regional Event Director Candace Price previews the upcoming event.

What is Mafiaoza’s Music City Brewer’s Festival best known for?
– “This is the original beer festival in Nashville, the oldest, the biggest and many say the best.”

Photo Courtesy of Candace Price

Photo Courtesy of Candace Price

What do you think is the secret for its longevity?
– “This is the oldest beer festival in Nashville and one of the oldest in TN. Our event started as an chance for brewers to have their product sampled to consumers as a marketing opportunity. This is and always has been an event for brewers to launch their products and promote to consumers. They can reach over 7,000 consumers with a collection of novice craft beer drinkers trying some of these brews for the first time to connoisseurs that take pride in knowing everything about the beer-making process and everything about every type of beer available.”

What’s new for the event in 2015?
– “We have quite a few new beers this year, including Ole Shed, High Cotton, Crazy Mountain, Orange Blossom Brewing, Southern Prohibition, Tallgrass, Smutty Nose, Tin Man, Chattanooga Brewing Co., Blackhorse, Founder’s, Dogfish Head, Wiseacre, Straight to Ale and Carson’s Brewery.”

Why is the festival divided into two sessions?
– “Over the years, we outgrew the space at Walk of Fame Park with roughly 5,000 in attendance, but because we have always partnered with the Hilton and provided rooms for our brewers there, we decided to stay at the park, but to grow the event, we would need to expand to two sessions.”

Are there any differences between the festival’s two sessions?
– “Generally speaking, the day session is a little more laid back and less crowded. The evening session is a little more of a party atmosphere. Same beers available at both sessions, though.”

How many breweries will be participating at the event?
– “We have 54 this year.”

There’s quite a few breweries based outside of TN attending as well. How were they chosen?
– “We first reach out to local TN breweries and then we go through our distributor partners that know new brands that they would like to promote.”

Can participants attend both sessions?
– “Yes, but we encourage them to pace themselves. It can be a long day, if you attend both.”


Do you know what type of foods the participating restaurants will be offering at the fest?
– “Mafiaoza’s will have a variety of pizzas. We also have hot dogs, burgers, chicken, Mrs. Grissoms salads and more.”

What’s the one can’t-miss thing attendees must see or do at this event?
– “The venue is absolutely beautiful. The beer selection is amazing. The people watching is great, too. Check out what Lagunitas has going on — it’s always entertaining!”

Are general admission tickets still available?
– “Yes. Tickets are still available for both sessions. Prices go up $10 day of event, so get them early!”

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s event?
– “Watching everyone have a great time!”

Are there any little-known facts that attendees should know about the festival before arriving?
– “Uber will have a special code, so you can ride to and from the event and be safe!”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

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