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Per Matt
And now for something completely different… In lieu of wading through the cattle call of the San Diego Convention Center, I will be attending the convention in name only, only attending events that take place outside the convention center. And rest assured, there are many!

I actually had plans for this experiment for last year’s con, but at the last minute I received a reprieve. This year, when my tickets unexpectedly fell through, I decided it was time to enact the backup plans.

With so many production companies and networks renting out all the surrounding buildings of the Gaslamp District and beyond, the outside events — which were once the sideshow — have almost taken over the priority of the con events. And with The Last Ship renting out an aircraft carrier (which we’ll be partying on), that reach has extended into Pacific Ocean!

There are so many great activities to attend that promote great upcoming or ongoing TV series and/or movies for the geek crowd, I can’t list them all. For a lot of great pictures, make sure to check out both of our Twitter feeds for great event photos. Also check out our Facebook page for great photos and articles!

All San Diego plans may change at the drop of a dime. But as of now, here’s our schedule:

On Wednesday, I’ve survived a cross-country flight that had plenty of turbulence (and alcoholic drinks). Great mixture. After getting my bearings, I attended the HitFix Star Wars SDCC Kick-Off Party, which promoted the upcoming series Star Wars Rebels.

Thurs I’ve got plans to roam around downtown, get lost and take photos of all the events. At some point I’ll drop by Gam3rcon at the 10th Avenue Theater to check out Gam3rs: The Play and maybe a rooftop concert. Later that night, I’ll be making an appearance at Embarcadero Marina South for Video Games Live performed by the San Diego Symphony. This concert performance is one of my all-time favorites. I’ll also be attending some unnamed parties throughout the evening.

Friday is going to be a whirlwind. This is when the craziness gets kicked up a notch. I’ll be totally worn out when the day is done, but I’m really looking forward to attending The Walking Dead Escape, which is taking place inside Petco Park (home of the San Diego Padres). This Zombie obstacle course is incredible! Afterwards, there’s a large fanfest, which offers a great undead experience! Friday night will feature a party sponsored by The Last Ship, which will be taking place on an actual aircraft carrier! I am REALLY looking forward to this promotional event!

Saturday will be an incredibly hectic experience. I expect to take a break from the con crowd by attending the Heroes Brew Festival, which features to of my all-time favorite items: craft beer in a geeky atmosphere! I cannot wait to check out what the San Diego microbrew scene has to offer! Afterward, I will be attending the San Diego Zombie Walk and mingling at the Prom of the Undead after party!

Sunday is usually a slower day, which I tend to really enjoy. At some point, I will be stopping by the Geek & Sundry Lounge and maybe even swing by the XBOX Lounge as well. Later that evening, I’ll be attending the unofficial SHIELD Dinner Party and hope there might be a couple of Marvel representatives in attendance (as well as possibly some of the TV show actors).

Scattered about the weekend, there are many ongoing events.

I hope to possibly work a few of these into my schedule:
– Adam Savage’s Cosplay Party
– Party
– Nerd HQ
– Super Video Game Land
– Godzilla exhibit
– Batman exhibit
– Adult Swim exhibit
– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Shooting Machine
– many more, among others.

It’s gonna be a crazy, hectic and fun weekend! Geek on, my friends!