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This is the end. Do you have the necessary skills to become a survivor… or will you become one of the many undead creatures that haunts your hometown? The choice is yours at the Way Late Play Date: Dystopian Worlds!

On Thursday, April 28th, Nashville’s Adventure Science Center will host the Way Late Play Date, which is an adults-only themed event featuring life during the Zombie Apocalypse, a totalitarian state and a radioactive wasteland. Post-apocalyptic life is grand, wouldn’t you agree?

Tickets are $20 for members and $30 for non-members, which includes admission to all of the event’s exhibits and activities, three beverage tickets, a planetarium show and a souvenir cup.

Events Manager Jennie Stumpf previews the event, gives some tips for all costume-contest participants and offers a sneak peek into Ender’s Game Room!

Is this the first time a Way Late Play Date has featured a Dystopian theme?
– “Yes! This theme was voted on by our social-media followers, which is exciting, because we know this is what past Way Late-goers want to see! I think they are going to be really happy with where Adventure Science Center has taken it.”

How was Dystopian Worlds chosen as the theme?
– “Coming up with a theme is so much fun, because there is science in everything, but the challenge is to think of a theme that is current and popular, so everyone can get excited about it. I thought the Dystopian Worlds theme was perfect, because it lets us explore so much science — like medicine, diseases, natural disasters and more — but from movies, books and video games that everyone knows, like The Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, The Walking Dead and Resident Evil.”

Why do you think science pairs so well with The Apocalypse?
– “Because there are real-life scenarios that would bring about the Apocalypse and only science can prepare us! Our educational activities are designed to teach you the skills to survive.”

Will there be any themed craft beer or foods to pair with this special event?
– “We are so grateful to both Mayday Brewery and Fat Bottom Brewing for being our beer sponsors. Fat Bottom let us know they are bringing their seasonal brew, Lychee Weisse. We are also very excited to have Steaming Goat and Electric Sliders food trucks, who are always so clever in coming up with themed-menu items.”

Please tell me a little about the planned education activities, especially Ender’s Game Room.
– “You will learn how to purify water, start a fire, treat a wound, identify edible insects and learn what changes in the brain could result in a Zombie state of mind. In addition to all of these activities prepared by Adventure Science Center staff, there will also be an entire digital gaming room, with multi-player games like Fallout and Call of Duty, thanks to our friend Brian Wessels.”

What movie will be shown in the Sudekum Planetarium during this event?
– “This will be a brand new show for the Sudekum Planetarium called Death From the Skies. It looks at five different doomsday scenarios that could result in the end of the world, as we know it!”

What’s one thing attendees may not know about this event?
– “I’m not sure everyone understands the group sale, but it’s pretty awesome. If you can gather your friends (plus their friends) and form a group of 20 or more, you can explore the entire Science Center, see a planetarium show, participate in all of the activities listed above, and drink three drinks (beer, wine or soda) from a souvenir Adventure Science Center cup that’s yours to keep, for only 20 bucks! We offer any group of 20 or more our member ticket price of just $20 each.”

Do you have any tips for costume-contest participants?
– “We always encourage Way Late Play Date guests to go all out and get creative for the costume contest! That being said, Adventure Science Center has a strict no-weapons policy. No real weapons can be brought on site and any costume weapons must be made inoperable. So, to the Katniss Everdeens out there, bring the bow, but either leave the arrows or zip-tie them in their holder.”

Will Dystopian Worlds be the only Way Late featuring Zombies this year?
– “We are pitting Star Wars fans against Star Trek fans at the next Way Late Play Date on July 28th. Then, back by popular demand, Harry Potter will be the theme for our October 6th Way Late Play Date. So, yes, Dystopian Worlds will be our most Zombie-filled Way Late this year!”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
– “This is a brand-new theme with a ton of activities, a photo booth to jump in with your friends, a DJ taking requests and a chance to win free tickets to the next Way Late Play Date at the costume contest! So, please come out and join in the fun by purchasing your tickets today!”

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